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Thread: ¿For what purpose is intended vibration raise?

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    ¿For what purpose is intended vibration raise?

    Vibration level, similar to ¿what physical (physical, not psychical) phenomenon is?

    ¿For what purpose is intended vibration raise?

    ¿What are sequels of vibration raise?

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    Re: ¿For what purpose is intended vibration raise?

    I think it's a misnomer and a metaphor for 'making yourself closer to God'. The spiritually minded people who perhaps didn't want to be associated with religion latched on a phrase that sounds scientific, using vibrational rate as if it were a metaphor for being 'less physical' and then took it literally, and it became a thing. This is complicated by the religious image of God being 'up there' and us being 'down here'. And the image makes you think the more you vibrate the lighter you become, hence, 'closer to God.' The problem with this metaphor is that it doesn't translate to physics very well. High intensity vibrations doesn't make you lighter or less dense, and if you take the metaphor too literally, the closer you get to the velocity of light the more dense you become, not less. It seems contradictory, but whatcha gonna do.
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    Re: ¿For what purpose is intended vibration raise?

    If I understood RB's teachings, only through NEW assorted with a long fast (beyond three days) regime, a "higher vibration" could be reached.


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    Re: ¿For what purpose is intended vibration raise?

    Hello asalantu, I hope you have misunderstood.
    For me NEW has been so important over the years ,but does he actualy say ONLY WAY?
    His teaching I feel is to help the student perfect their energy body, to be clear of obstruction, strengthen the chakras,have free flowing energy eventually opening the connection to higher realms.
    Does he state ONLY? Or does he mean that if we are following his method then this is what he wants us to do?
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    Re: ¿For what purpose is intended vibration raise?

    ¡Hello, susan..!

    Quote Originally Posted by susan View Post
    ... but does he actualy say ONLY WAY?
    ... Does he state ONLY?
    I didn't said that. I say, and its my conclusion, from convergence of fasting and NEW routines results an increase in vibration level.

    Results of such convergence, of course can vary from individual to individual.

    I've do not have an enough experience base to affirm that (only the mine), but fasting (at first) and then doing NEW exercises results more efficient than doing NEW without fasting.

    My best regards,

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