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Thread: Copy: Struggling to Seperate Mind and Body after Bad first Experience

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    Copy: Struggling to Seperate Mind and Body after Bad first Experience

    Hello Robert,

    Several Years ago, I had my first experince with projection
    that I can recall.
    I was laying in bed, falling asleep, when i began to fall down
    into my bed. Naturally, this scared me immensely (having no knowledge of the astral world)
    I fought the transistion with all my will and managed to tear myself back
    into my body. I experienced sleep paralysis and exploding head syndrome.
    Both of which terrified me at the time.

    Now, several years later, and after roughly a year of practicing projection and meditation,
    I have projected twice, although both times I was not conscious of the experience
    and instead experienced it in a non-lucid dream state.
    It was not until I experienced heavy vibrations and the reconnecting sensations that
    i realized I had projected.

    But my question is, after all my practice, I still find it hard
    to project consciously.
    Is there a chance that I have damaged my mind in any way, during my first awful experience, thus making
    it much more difficult to project now?
    and if so, are there any techniques to directly re-strengthen that bond?

    Luke M.
    Also, I'm half way through Astral Dynamics, an amazing book.

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    Re: Copy: Struggling to Seperate Mind and Body after Bad first Experience

    Hi Luke. I copied this because I felt I had something to say.
    No, there is no way you damaged your mind- the only damage that can happen is for fear to get in the way and turn obsessive- but in my opinion that points to a preexisting problem.
    The thing is that as humans, we're always changing and evolving, and our experiences also change. For example, when I started consciously projecting, I used to get very strong and noticeable vibrations accompanied with visual and sound effects. When I was ready to get out, I knew it. Then, with practice, I started to get some symptoms earlier in the trance- I would get noises and flickers of pictures, and then later on lighter and lighter vibrations. Sometimes I just waited and thought I had 'missed the window', only to get up and find myself floating. I had projected but not separated! As time went on, most of the symptoms associated with separation happened so early in the trance, I could only figure out I was projected if I could see through my eyelids, or feel and see movement in my field of view. Now, all those years later, I have almost no symptoms, I just 'feel different' and know I've been in trance for a long while (around 45 minutes) and try an exit technique. If it works, good. If it doesn't, I go back to my trance state and wait.
    AD Pedia:

    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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