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Thread: think i finally astral projected!

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    think i finally astral projected!

    hey guys, i think i might have ap last night!
    it was awsome!im dying to tell someone about it lol.

    so i been trying to ap for about a month now, and last i think i finally did it.
    this is what happend, i was laying in bed, trying to ap, i relaxed and cleared my mind and was just paying attention to my body sensations.
    i then noticed that this image was poping up inside my mind, it looked like i was looking at leaves from a tree or something, i then pushed the image away thinking that it would mess with my ap attempt.a few secs later it poped up agian, this time, it was the full scene of a field with trees, i knew it wasnt me creating this image, it was in vivid detail, it was like i was there, i looked around and saw every detail.i tried to stay in this place but i lost focus and ended up back in my bed, at this point i felt some vibrations.i just layed there and started to just see what happens.about 30 secs later the vibrations ended and i was still in my body, i continued to lay there then i dozed off but jolted back awake (you know when you begin to fall asleep and you feel like your falling so you jolt yourself like your bracing for impact lol)
    so right after i jolted awake, i just layed there.then i started to feel like i was sinking, this time i latched onto this sensation.and went with it.
    then it happend!
    i sank through my body and i was inside my matress!!
    i then flew out from my matres and was floating in the middle of my room.
    i was like "no ****ing way!im doing it!"
    its funny how i had all these ideas of what i would do if i ever astral projected, turns out that i was totally satisfied just flipping and spinning around in the air ****.
    i cant seem to remember the rest of my journey very well.
    i do, however, remember talking to some entity and he was explaining to me (with english words and pictures) how reality works.
    i know this might not make sense to some, but here is what i remember of what he was teaching me

    he said that matter does not exist unless there is a conscious to percive it, and that matter is just a sum of potential energy until something percives it.
    meaning that we shape our own reality through thought.
    he also was teaching me something about how to travel in the universe in a physical form ( i cant remember everything he was saying) but it was something about how in this dimension, everything is made of energy.even the vacuum of space is made of energy.even the void of space is made up of something.he says that only matter/energy has the ability to interact with this.he says that space is a tangible thing and that there is a way to manipulate it so that we can travel through the fabric of space.
    im not sure if i slipped into dream land when the teaching started
    but of what i remember it was very clear and vivid.its hard to to explain in words of his teachings.its like he just took his understanding and planted it into my head, so at the time of the teaching i completly understood what he was talking about and it all made sense, but now that im awake i hardly understand any of it.
    mars here we come!! lmao jkjk

    so this was ap right?if not then what was it?

    is there a way to remember more of my journey?

    if i ever get good at ap, i will begin to demonstrate for you guys, you guys can write or draw stuff on a paper and ill ap to that paper and tell ya whats on it
    no lie lol

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    Re: think i finally astral projected!

    congrats! well done

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    Re: think i finally astral projected!

    The concepts might seem unbelievable to you, but it sounds he was teaching you deep quantum physics concepts such as Einsteins "spooky action at a distance" and Schrödinger's cat (both of which have been proven to be true).ödinger%27s_cat

    congrats on your first OBE!
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    Re: think i finally astral projected!

    And I'll add that zero-point energy is the energy that exists in a vacuum even at absolute zero. It's often been suggested that zero-point energy is the energy we absorb with our energy body from our surroundings and use to power travels in the other dimensions
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    Re: think i finally astral projected!


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    Re: think i finally astral projected!

    wow this is crazy!
    the links you gave are very simular to his teachings.
    i really have no intrest in space and physics, but i have always wonderd ( even as a child) how does things exist, i mean, i learned that everything was made of atoms, but that still didnt explaine how these atoms managed to manefest themselfs and exist.maybe he was teaching me this
    i wish i can remember more of his teachings,

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    Re: think i finally astral projected!

    You have to wonder. Einsteins "spooky action at a distance" essentially means that matter can instanteneously effect other matter that it's entangled with (i.e. matter it's come into contact with at anytime in its past). It doesn't matter if the two bit of matter are nearby or on opposite sides of the universe. To me it kind of implies that space or distance is an illusion or is a simulated effect. For all I know it could mean that the Big Bang never happened and that everything we know as the universe is still suck in a pre-bang singularity. 🤔
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    Re: think i finally astral projected!

    Also a side correlation of this (the Schrödinger's cat part) is that until something is observed by someone, it hasn't manifested. Essentially everything acts as a wave (I.e energy) until it is observed (and converted into matter). Matter can be observed in its location (space time coordinates) whereas a wave only has a probability of being in a certain location at a given time

    You can't measure something as a wave and as matter at the same time. Schrödinger's cat is both dead and alive until you lift the box. It is at that time when you lift the box that the switch takes place and one of those possibilities is realized.

    if you were playing pool and knocked two balls in the each of the opposing corner pockets. You realize that you knocked in the 7 and the 9 balls but you didn't see which ball went into which hole. At that point you didn't observe the outcome and the balls act like waves. There's a master equation that determines the 50:50 odds of which ball is in which pocket. You look into the left pocket and find the 7 ball. That means that the 9 is in the other pocket. But oddly enough until you observed it the 7 ball was still a wave and was in both pockets and not in both pockets at the same time. When you saw the seven ball, it became manifest at that moment. At that same instant, "spooky action at a distance" instanteneously kicked in and immediately made the ball in the other pocket the 9. It becomes realized because the manifestation of the 7 ball makes it 100% probable that it's in the other hole and it can no longer be measured as a wave.

    So in effect, every star that you see in the sky is only there because you or someone else saw it and the "unnoticed tree that fell in the forest" in fact never really existed!

    ever wonder if the physical world was really just a simulation?
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