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Thread: Advice on Energy Body Stimulation

  1. Advice on Energy Body Stimulation

    Hi, all!

    As people may have read in my self-introduction, I am very new to the actual practice of astral projection--although I've studied it for many, many years--and so I was hoping I could get some advice from those more experienced than I in the subject; especially those who have also followed the Mastering Astral Projection (MAP) program by Mr. Bruce and Mr. Mercer. And while I would greatly appreciate advice, suggestions and pointers from anyone with personal experience in the teachings of this course/program and Mr. Bruce's NEW and astral projection teachings in general, I would be especially grateful to hear from others who, like me, apparently don't have an innate talent for OBE. This was one thing in particular that really appealed to me with regard to the MAP course, when Mr. Mercer pointed out that he was an enthusiastic student of astral projection & astral travel--like myself--but without the ability to accomplish conscious OBE easily--again like myself--as some people seem to have as it requires little effort on their part.

    I am hoping there are other people like that in here who have been through the same struggles (of course I am sorry fr you if you have had to have the same difficulties, but I am glad on my own behalf) and who have, nevertheless, succeeded in becoming skilled projectors and travelers.

    One issue in particular with which I have been struggling is that of my lack of ability to sense things of an etheric/spiritual nature. I'm about as "etherically" sensitive as a pack of wieners, in spite of having carried out a variety of esoteric practices for years (although, it should be noted, I have not exactly focused a great deal specifically on development of the "astral" or non-physical senses, which might otherwise have assisted me today). And so when it comes to the energy body stimulation exercises, I feel pretty much none of the sensations described in either Mr. Bruce's classic, Astral Dynamics, or his and Mr. Mercer's MAP. Although I am aware that the less one feels, the greater the chances of one not having any blockages in terms of energy flow (which, if we are being optimistic, could be the result of my having practiced things like the Middle Pillar Exercise and other such workings for a long time); but simultaneously, it does appear that at least some sensation of energy flow and stimulation should be experienced, otherwise this could mean one is not experiencing any legitimate energy body stimulation at all.

    This puts me in quite the dilemma. Am I experiencing no notable sensations of energy flow or energy body stimulation--no buzzing, no tingling, no warmth--because I have a good energy flow and no blockages? Or am I sensing nothing because of severe blockages that prevent me from actually manipulation my energy body at all? If the latter is the case--which I hope to God not--are there any additional exercises one can carry out to completely blow such blockages out of the water and thus allow completely unobstructed energy flow and thus greatly improved energy body stimulation & development? Visualization and general imagination is not the problem as I have worked a lot with these over the past many years; so I have no difficulty at all imagining that of "seeing" or "feeling" things, including having a wet sponge scrubbing in & out of my limbs. So if there is a problem, what could it be?

    I hope to hear some experiences similar to this and some advice on what I can do from here on out, or if I am actually doing everything right. Because I have already started the MAP program over three times now, because I felt that into the 2nd/3rd week, I was still not feeling what was being described and so I thought it better to work through everything from scratch one more time to give it some extra energy body stimulation before moving on.

    Looking forward to hearing from everyone!

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    Re: Advice on Energy Body Stimulation

    Frater Tesponinus,

    When I read your post, I sense that you are too fokused on result than relaxing....You have to be relaxed and trust yourself and your feelings.

    Try this....sit down and relax, breath deep few times to be deeply relaxed....imagen your energy arms outstreched infront of you, you see this with your inner sight...take your energy arms and simaltaneously stroke the arms streched infront of you....your bodys arms are relaxed in your this stoking few times and then stop imagining and just you feel it??...I this is doable for everyone...
    Trust yourself and the tingeling starts to feel in your bodys arms.

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    Re: Advice on Energy Body Stimulation

    Something I have noticed in my practice, is that when I started doing tactile imaging, I would get strong sensations in my feet and hands, that I could extend to my legs, and to some extent, to my arms. But if you have an extensive experience working with energy, it may just be that there are very little blockages to highlight the energy movement.
    There is one way to 'know' (in other words, get some energy feedback from your work.)
    The first thing is to close your eyes and imagine you are brushing your palm with a wirebrush. Do this with your eyes closed, without moving your body at all. Not even a little bit. Your arm should be resting on something (like a chair armrest or table) to keep the arm from moving. After you have dedicated several minutes to this action, try to figure out where your hand is only from the feel you may have- in other words, you are testing if you can tell where your hand is from whatever sensory remainder there is from the exercise.
    After you believe you have located your hand, wiggle your fingers. If the hand turns out to be where you located it mentally, you're good- you may not be getting strong feedback, but there is a conscious connection to the 'etheric' portion of the hand, which is what you want.

    There is another exercise you can try, (or rather, way of doing it) when you've learned to do a full body bounce.
    Let me know if you know it.
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    Re: Advice on Energy Body Stimulation

    I agree with CF, it's best to work with feet or hands first. They're the most sensitive to energy and also once you get these online they will serve as energy sources for charging your primary energy centers
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  5. Re: Advice on Energy Body Stimulation

    Sorry about the absence, everyone. I've been crazy busy lately with my publishing work--needing to wrap up the latest title as well as speed up the work on two others so they can be released later this year. That's the world of publishing so every once in a while I may disappear for a bit, but it doesn't mean I left completely or that I didn't read or appreciate your feedback and support. Far from it!

    Thanks a lot for your advice. I'm gonna work through everything again from the very beginning after the end of August and then I'm gonna keep in mind some of the things you spoke of and suggested. Then we'll see if this leads to additional comments or more questions.

    Thanks again, everyone!

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    Re: Advice on Energy Body Stimulation

    You're welcome.
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