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    Copy: Virus and bacteria

    Can energy work be used to destroy viruses and bacteria and funguses?

    Have you ever had any experience working with individuals who were sick from let's say a staph infection, or any type of viral infection, even fungul infections prove to be horrible and sometimes uncurable.

    What is the energy make up of pathogens in the body? Would regular affirmations help deal with these pathogens in the body?

    I was just wondering if you ever have seen the process of how energy healing deals with pathogens. Would the bug just be incapacitated and filterd from the body, or does it get destroyed fully and there is no break up in the human body.

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    Re: Virus and bacteria

    Pardon my entry Robert, as this question is to you personally.

    As far as Spirit comes, we can identify that Life is the only outworking Energy.

    Wherein life are pathogens: Bacterial, Viral, Fungal and Parasitical; even venom/nerve toxin.

    Clearly herein we must consider Antigen (Come Nigh), to the Dregs. Moderation is Key

    Any energy work should be coinciding with medical science, even to go as far as stressing all fields of science: Spiritual, Emotional, Physical & Mental/Intellectual (learn/unlearn)(judge/discern). (Full/Empty) ... Certitude

    Even herbal/hollistic/ayurvedic.

    Currently we all live within a wealth of potential increasing longevity. Life is about life, yet envision life as a simultaneous moment wherein disintegration & integration are hand in hand at all times (learning/unlearning). Choose wisely, for let go here while grasping there, letting go altogether or grasping all at once...choices be, therefore we it is.

    VA' C UU M -

    To smile or frown ... to laugh or weep, or both@once. To Be Sound ... On The Come/Coming/ComMingling (nigh unto nigh), as in Geosmin - The dust did commingle with the rain.

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    Ref. Job 21:5 ; Lam. 5:8 ; CVM = ?

    In my end ... my life song first ... sings last ... Same Same ... as my death chant ... to ward on my beg-inning. The Spirit Ensouls to within a Body (Constituent Body Of Life). Me ... Even You
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    "Kundalini is known by many names through different cultures, including The Cosmic Christ.
    I think there is only one mechanism built into all humans, but it has been given many names and interpretations." ~ Robert Bruce

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    Re: Virus and bacteria

    I'll go ahead and copy this to 'down under' and put the original question back in the 'ask Robert' subforum.
    I usually think EW not to be a thing used to destroy something, to build up the physical body.
    When I have a viral illness, I usually run energy through my thighs, and this activates a bit of the immune system. Also running energy through the thymus area should stimulate it thusly. I can tell you the 'thigh' run works for me rather well.
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    Re: Copy: Virus and bacteria

    Any true holistic health measure you do, this includes mind techniques such as energy work, meditation, prayer, etc., is helpful to boost the physical/biological immune system, not to fight an illness (or germs causing it ... supposedly ... ) directly. So my answer would be yes, you can help with the cure, but don't expect miracles because healing can take time. Next to the devoted practice of the methods a little patience is sometimes required.
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