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Thread: Transisition Sensations

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    Transisition Sensations

    My job has gotten brutal with long hours overtime and weekend work, so I have lapsed on my practice. I was getting fairly good at getting out maybe once a week or so. Not that I got very far but my goal was just to learn how to get out first.

    Anyway, now all I can really do is poke at attempts and as can be expected, I fail more often than not.

    However, I have had two experiences and I think I already know the answer, but I was curious what ya'll thought.

    1) I can feel that odd electric vibration in my spine and start to hear the rushing noise. They start, and then I notice it's over. I'm all the way out of the trance and the sensations have subsided. I have considered I went through the transitional state successfully, but having succeeded a few times, it just doesn't feel like that's the case. Could this be I need to return to my daily meditation practice to train myself to relax into the transition? Any suggestions on how to help here?

    2) Last night, I actually rode the sensation through and actually felt myself turning over. A small sense of vertigo when it happened, but I was able to stay with it and pay attention so close that it stopped. So when I turned all the way over so I would have been facing down, I couldn't get out. Or if I did it stayed dark. Pitch black eyes closed dark. I have gotten out when it was dim but not black? Low energy? To close to the body? Didn't exit?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Re: Transisition Sensations

    Didn't exit. Something I've noticed, is that vibrations don't always signal the exact time to do an exit technique, but tell you you're transitioning. You may have already 'switched focus' but are still using your body for sensory input. This is a kind of slippery symptom, in that when people are starting to practice usually tells them they're at the 'right time' to exit, but after some time, many of those symptoms happen too early in the trance to be used as an exit cue.
    I have had exits that happened literally half an hour after the vibrations had subsided (when I still had vibrations, I don't anymore.) So consider them as transition sensations, not 'exit' sensations, and if you want to, start doing an exit methods when they're still on, but if you don't exit, don't give up- go back to observing your surroundings, doing an energy body loosening technique, or more exit technique- cycle through them. And if nothing else works, try to get up. This tells you a lot of 'where' you are in the cycle.
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