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Thread: OBE Perception Survey help needed

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    OBE Perception Survey help needed

    G'day folks,

    We invite everyone to participate by taking part in the survey in the link. I also ask you to disseminate the material to other websites, blogs, facebook, etc, as the more people that take it the better will be the results.

    The Survey:::

    This research project was recently funded by the Australian Institute of Parapsychological Research to explore veridical accounts of OBE. I'm aiming to collect 500 responses to then create a qualitative map of realistic perception. The research will hopefully culminate in broader opportunities to test veridical perception in the laboratory. Although the AIPR grant was nominal and only supports basic survey/interview research, this is the first step towards doing this work and is therefore an important project.

    The questionnaire will remain open only until Sept 23rd 2016, after which, Alex will individually commence focus interviews with a small sample of OBErs who have demonstrated via their responses (a) frequent, (b) consistent, and (c) self-induced OBEs with at least some presence of ESP.

    Thank you for your support,

    Robert and Alex

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    Re: OBE Perception Survey help needed

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    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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