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Thread: fusion of astral and physical bodies

  1. fusion of astral and physical bodies

    can we through intense meditation or kundalini raising fuse the astral and physical bodies,so that the physical body starts possessing astral body qualities?

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    Re: fusion of astral and physical bodies

    It is possible to achieve godlike qualities in the physical body, through realization, by realizing that you are actually god.

    This is a big realization.

    It is also possible to take your physical body into the astral, and then return. While in the astral it is possible to change form, to shape shift, and then return to the physical. I say this because this would need to be achieved on the road to the bigger realizations.


  3. Re: fusion of astral and physical bodies

    how to achieve these feats robert which u speak of?

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    Re: fusion of astral and physical bodies

    The instructions for doing these things are already available to you, as per the catch basket concept.

    Conscious astral projection, raising kundalini, and using visual clairvoyance, are a very good start.

    It is utterly impossible to go straight to an advanced realization. This is like trying to get to the top of Mt Everest without all the climbing and preparations.


  5. Re: fusion of astral and physical bodies

    thanks robert

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