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Thread: Copy ofType of chair to project in / position for trance work

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    Copy ofType of chair to project in / position for trance work

    I posted a picture here of the chair I use.

    I have a neck supporter like this


    And a pillow.

    I wanted to know if I should get a recliner? At certain times either my neck area or my head is tensed up? Should I try using a neck supporter or a pillow? The only reason I'm asking is because it'll take me a while to be able to get money for a recliner.


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    Re: Type of chair to project in / position for trance work

    Hi Luffy,
    try one then next time try the other. We all adapt to different ways, just what is comfortable for you. I like a soft pillow tucked under my neck.
    I would hold back from any expense just now until you have no other ideas. If the support isn't working for the neck have you thought of sitting upright on your bed with your back against the wall or headboard if you have one , and a soft pillow tucked under your neck?
    Or maybe you could pick up a cheap sun lounger / garden chair that you could have in the upright position? That would have your whole body supported from the waist to the top of your head. Sure you could pick a second hand one up on ebay.
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    Re: Type of chair to project in / position for trance work

    i cant answer your question because I normally use my bed for meditation which is pretty mediocre if youre trying to project (especially at bedtime)

    that said im starting to setup a study as an AP/meditation room and I was considering getting a papasan chair for it. Does anyone use one of those for AP?
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