I posted this as a separate question for Robert, but I think it Merritt's discussion here because this persons experience relates directly to very powerful life changing healing and just how far we all need to with affirmations/prayer and giving ourselves over to the higher self for it o become real.


I found this interesting account of an individual I follow on YouTube, who had a very powerful and legitimate energy healing event happen to him. He did it after a long period of prayer. a prayer machine.

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I still didn’t believe that anyone was listening to my prayers, but I didn’t care. I did it to help me sleep. Something about saying prayers made me feel really good. I liked it so much that soon I was praying throughout the entire day.

This is when weird stuff started happening.

I started having a lot of “coincidences”. People said things to me that were exactly what I needed to hear, I heard song lyrics that were talking about my situation, I ran into old friends that were also sober who offered encouragement and advice.

I started testing this new prayer power. I started doing silly things.

If I couldn’t find something I was looking for at Wal-Mart, I would close my eyes, right there in the aisle and pray “Dear God, help me find this thing”. When I opened my eyes the thing would be on the shelf directly in front of me, at eye level. It was really strange. I felt like I’d tapped into some kind of magical power.

And then it happened.

The Morning

On the morning of February 27th, 2008 I woke up and was reading the “Twenty-Four Hours A Day” book in bed. The message for the day was about turning your problems over to God.

I’d heard people talk about “turning their life over to God” all my life – and I hated it. It just seemed lazy to me to think that you would turn all your problems over to some kind of mythical creature that may or may not even exist. It felt like a cop out, like an easy way to not take any responsibility for your actions.

But this book added one thing.

It said not only can you “turn your problems over to God” but you could specifically turn your DRINKING PROBLEM over to God. I had never heard that before and the thought of it stopped me in my tracks.

Here is exactly what I read:

FEB. 27—AA Thought for the Day
When we came into AA, the first thing we did was to admit that we couldn’t do anything about our drinking. We admitted that alcohol had us licked and that we were helpless against it. We never could decide whether or not to take a drink. We always took the drink. And since we couldn’t do anything about it ourselves, we put our whole drink problem into the hands of God. We turned the whole thing over to that Power greater than ourselves. And we have nothing more to do about it, except to trust God to take care of the problem for us. Have I done this honestly and fully?

Meditation for the Day
This is the time for my spirit to touch the spirit of God. I know that the feeling of the spirit-touch is more important than all the sensations of material things. I must seek a silence of spirit-touching with God. Just a moment’s contact and all the fever of life leaves me. Then I am well, whole, calm and able to arise and minister to others. God’s touch is a potent healer. I must feel that touch and sense God’s presence.

Prayer for the Day
I pray that the fever of resentment, worry and fear may melt into nothingness. I pray that health, joy, peace and serenity may take its place.

It didn’t matter if I believed in God or not. I knew I wanted to get rid of the drinking problem and I was willing to do anything to do it. So if there was any chance that I could “turn the whole thing over to a Power greater than myself and HAVE NOTHING MORE TO DO ABOUT IT“… Then belief or not – I was willing to give it a shot.

The Experience

I got out of bed and tried to make it as official as possible.

I stood up in front of the bed, held the book out in front of me and went for it.
I closed my eyes and asked a God that I didn’t believe in to take my drinking problem from me.
I prayed for him to take everything from me.
I said that I was done trying and was completely helpless, broken and powerless over this thing.
Then – I was struck by lightning.

Standing there in front of my bed, eyes closed, I was hit with an immediate wave of heat, colors and light. It came through me like a hot knife through butter. It started at my head and went down through my feet. My entire body started to pulse under its pressure.

It felt good. I’ve taken acid several times in my life and the experience was very similar to an acid trip. Body pulsing, waves of heat, lights and colors and love. Energy became visible. I could see and feel the fabric of the Universe surrounding me in all directions, like an embrace.

“This is the Spirit-touch“ I thought. I was being touched by the Spirit, just like the book said. It was in my room, touching me. The entire room was filled with it. The word Spirit-touch still gives me chills even as I type it now.

Then I had a vision.

I saw an entity in front of me. It was also above me and all around me. We were like two energy fields made of heat. No details, just shapes and colors. The entity reached into my body and started pulling things out of me – from around my stomach area.

The things coming out of me had shapes. They looked like swords, knives, treasure chests and rocks. All these horrible and jagged looking things. Each time something was taken out of me I felt better.

It was crazy – but I wasn’t scared. I allowed it to happen. I understood exactly what was going on. I knew that it was impossible but I was excited that it was happening and I just went with it.

It went on for several minutes. I watched as this heat shaped person pulled things out of my body.

I knew that I could stand there in that moment for as long as I wanted. But after what seemed like 5–7 minutes I realized that if I didn’t break the connection I was going to be late for work.

And as hilarious as this sounds – I broke the connection with The Power of The Universe because it was time to go to work.

I opened my eyes and the spell was broken. I stood there in the glow for a minute as it faded away.

Then I took a shower and drove to work.

I didn’t tell anyone what had happened.

End of story

This month (I’m writing this in February 2015) marks seven years since it happened. I have never taken a drink of alcohol again. From that moment forward, the desire was completely gone."

For 7 days he prayed all day long until he passed out at night, and on the last day he gave himself completely to god in the hopes that he would be healed of his alcoholic addiction...sounds remarkable, and the part where he says the energy being took rocks and sharp stones from his stomach reminds me of Roberts experience when he raised his kundalini and the ascended master that helped him out showed him what he did wrong, and pointed to his body where Robert saw all the different astral parasites, gremlins, nasty looking things inside him.

I think this persons account directly shows just how powerful our healing abilities are when given enough intent and then left to our higher self