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Thread: Does energy work help "develop" your personality?

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    Does energy work help "develop" your personality?

    I've been doing NEW everyday for a month now, and I noticed some changes in my personality. I'm not sure if it's a placebo, but I feel like I'm more confident and funnier.

    For example, I was out eating yesterday for my friends birthday. I met a lot of his friends I had never met before. I was unstifled, made everyone laugh and was very present. Felt like I was very charimastic and a lot of the girls seemed attracted.

    I'm a naturally more introverted person, although I can activate the "switch" and be extroverted. I was wondering if energy work could be helping me be less stifled and thus let me express my humor and qualities more? What do you think? Has energy work changed your personality as well?

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    Re: Does energy work help "develop" your personality?

    What the NEW did to my personality was vanishing the fear of darkness and OBEs...

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