Fellow Seekers,

I just signed on and posted an intro.

Now onto the great news!

Brief Background: I had two partial OBEs at age 14 back in 1976. I didn't know what they were and mistakenly discounted them as being partial dream - rapid eye movement phenomenon (Ughhhhhh). I also mistakenly discarded a lot of spiritual beliefs and got sidetracked by the dis-information of the day. I was entirely focused on my career. Nearly 3 years back I ran full steam into the "Disclosure Movement" and since picked up where I had left off as a young teen. I read a bunch of books and studied till I had my first actual full OBE (2014) into the "Real-Time Zone" (now I know what it was). It was as life changing as Robert has said many times. I no longer "THINK", I now "KNOW"! I had 2 more visits to the real-time zone since that time, but could never control it - as hard as I tried.

Current July 6, 2017. For the past 2 nights, I briefly experienced astral eyesight - it was and is beyond awesome!

Last Night: Before bed I begged my higher self to allow me some encouragement - ease off on the blinders - please let me astral project I repeated over and over......

I was dreaming I was at my Mom's house and saw the wallpaper was falling down, I asked her 'Who put this up in such poor manner?"

"You did!" she replied.

"Ah Mom, we better hire someone to do this correctly" I replied.

I left her house and walked next door into a neighbor's house. I notice about 5 people walking around as if at a gas station picking up small items. Then I did a Robert Bruce "Reality Check" right out of his teachings. I stopped and said "Is this a dream?" Then I remembered to look at my hands. Sure enough they melted. I put them down and then back up. They clearly melted again and I remembered to dive back into my body. I ran out the door yelling "Take me to my Body." I went airborne but felt I couldn't get back to my body. After a very brief pause, I ended up in my Mom's bed - arms were flailing and the sheets were a tumbling as she was very happy to see me. I told her I was Astral Projecting and she said "I guess there are benefits to living like a nomad!" I happily ran out of there and finally got back into my body - it was, as I learned, waiting for me to awaken. I grabbed my glasses and notebook and scribbled down the key words, yelled "I did it! Thank you higher self," and then wrote out the complete details of the experience. This was the first time I saw other people during my OBE.

I felt strongly compelled to thank Robert Bruce for his wisdom and courage to share his amazing experiences. I feel I am well on my way to learning many joyous and enlightening experiences.

I sincerely hope this helps someone.