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Thread: Kundalini Medusa Effect and Help with Solar Plexus

  1. Kundalini Medusa Effect and Help with Solar Plexus


    First off, thank you for your writings. They have been a large part of my spiritual path over the last 13 years. NEW taught me how to go from thinking about energy to actually having the real deal as part of my life.

    I figure that I should tell you my story before I ask my questions. Nine days ago I went on a 10 day Goenka Vipassana retreat. I followed instructions to a T and did not let up on my practice for a moment each day. This made my concentration so strong that by day 3 I was seeing the walls flicker in my peripheral vision and hearing the sound of silence loudly in my ears at all times and it too was vibrating. Then we switched to body sweeping...

    Of course, I have years of experience in your methods, so getting whole body sweeps up from the toes to the crown was easy. After the first day of about 14 hours of this, I was feeling intense levels of anxiety in my solar plexus. The retreat leaders said to just watch it with equanimity and to keep going - so I did. The next day, the energy got to the point where I could feel energy sensations on every point of my body, no matter how far I narrowed my field of awareness or where I looked. My appetite had totally vanished, and I felt a revulsion toward food, so I did not eat.Then, as I was on my bed moving past my solar plexus, my large intestines began wrenching and made the strangest noises I had every heard come from anyone's stomach before. This lasted for a minute or two, then stopped. That night, as I swept my body up and down in the meditation hall, the big event took place. As the sensations built, something seemed to descend over the crown of my head like a tangible cap. With a few more sweeps, it happened. My base chakra blew like a champaign bottle, shooting bubbling tingling bliss upwards to my crown at high speed. It blew the crown off my head and geysered into the air. The bliss was unlike anything I had ever felt before. My eyes rolled to the back of my head uncontrollably and fluttered for perhaps 30 seconds. Then the cap seemed to descend back onto my head, but it formed into eight tendrils of some sort, which responded to my mental intentions. When I thought of something good, they would lift up to the heavens and waves of bliss would shower down. As I meditated, one would go on each side of my nose and push my sinuses into a better position. When closing my eyes, they would cup/cover my eyes. I could also move them to scratch itches, though this did not relieve the itch. A few minutes later, I returned to the awareness action and kundalini raised up again, this time to a lesser intensity.

    That night I felt so good and powerful that I could not sleep at all, so I meditated through the night and watched the geometric patterns play before my eyes psychedelically. Also, original poetry (John Dunn style meter and rhyme scheme) were spontaneously arising in my mind on the theme of love. The excitement ended the next day at about 10 am, when everything turned bad. The solar plexus anxiety exploded into waves of irrational fear, pain, confusion, and so on beyond anything I thought humanly possible. I tried to ride the waves and was minorly successful until the next evening. I still could not eat and was not feeling at all tired. At this point, my body began shaking and forming itself into frighteningly strange patterns. As my emotional fortitude collapsed I sought help and broke the vow of noble silence. By the time I had help, I was convinced that I had lost my mind, that the experience must have been a seizure or something and I knew that if this persisted indefinitely, I would rather be dead. The meditation directors thought so too when I tried to tell them that it was kundalini. The paramedics were called, who had to strap me down tightly because of the way my body was twisting itself up. At the Emergency Room, they shot me full of anti-anxiety drugs and I finally fell asleep.

    When I awoke the next day, the anxiety had subdued to manageable levels, though the mood swings were intense (I cried a lot and felt higher levels of love and gratitude than I have ever felt before). The energy is still trickling up from the base (which has transformed into something more like the end of a balloon slowly deflating and whenever I think a positive thought, waves of bliss connect between the base and the crown. I am continually brushing the tendrils aside (on one side of my face they reach just past the cheek bone and one of them on the other side reaches down to my jawline).

    I am now on day 4 post Kundalini rising and am working to keep myself from dropping back into a meditative state because I am worried about the anxiety from my solar plexus, the deep bodily weakness, and the mild shaking still in my hands. I am also experiencing uncomfortable pressure on my heart chakra. Thank you for listening to my long-winded story.

    Questions: How to I alleviate the anxiety in my solar plexus without just trying to ignore it? What is the purpose of the Medusa effect, as you call it, and what can they do? Can they be retracted back into the crown? Also, will they go away or are they just part of my life now, hanging over my face?

    Thank you so much for your time!
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