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Thread: Inexpensive Earthing / Grounding setups - Tried and true solutions

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    Re: Inexpensive Earthing / Grounding setups - Tried and true solutions

    Quote Originally Posted by Jexx View Post
    You must connect the wrist straps and other earthing items to a strong electrical earth source. Some people use a metal rod which is driven into the ground (earth), but metal water supply pipes also work really well, as they travel deep in the ground by their very design.

    Sometimes the earth pin on an electrical mains power socket can be used (via an adaptor), but to use this as an earth source, you must be sure it connected to a safe earth and the earthing device or plug adaptor must have a resistor fitted inline.

    The most ideal earth connection sources are metal water pipes or a dedicated metal/copper rod driven into the ground.

    Hope this helps

    It does but what do computer techs normally hook up their wrist bands to? don't they just latch it somewhere on the metal frame of the computer?

    I am on the top floor of an apartment building so driving a metal earth stake into the ground in my bedroom isn't much of an option, there are also no copper pipes in my bedroom. I also don't like the idea of hooking up to mains power I don't want to do something stupid and electrocute myself. What can I latch an anti-static wrist band to in my bedroom? the closest thing I have right now is a metal handle on the drawer for the bedside table. The aligator clip is too small to latch onto anything else.

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    Re: Inexpensive Earthing / Grounding setups - Tried and true solutions

    Hi Eonn,

    Computer Techs and Electronics Techs (of which I am both by profession), do indeed connect their ESD wrist bands and ESD mats to a variety of different earthing sources (there are many options available). You definitely cant just connect it to a random metal object, as it wont work unless that object is earthed.

    Using the metal case of a computer will work, but only because the metal case of a computer is connected to the mains earth pin (must be law in most countries). This does make a handy earth source when working on computers. I have often earthed myself via the case of a computer, especially when replacing sensitive components in the computer. Clipping an ESD wrist band to the case of a computer is fairly safe despite it using the mains electrical earth. ESD wrist bands have a built in resistor that protects the wearer in the event of a mains electrical fault (extremely rare event that pretty much never happens).

    Given the lack of other options for your room, it looks like you best approach would be the metal case of a computer, or a store purchased professional mains earth bonding plug (see images in previous postings on this thread).

    The only other option that I can think of is a wall mounted radiator. If you have a wall mounted radiator for heating, they are almost always earthed.

    Best Wishes


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    Re: Inexpensive Earthing / Grounding setups - Tried and true solutions

    Thanks Jexx.

    My computer is in my bedroom right next to my bed and I leave it turned on most the time so I will just connect it to the metal case.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Re: Inexpensive Earthing / Grounding setups - Tried and true solutions

    When I worked on equipment when I was an electronics technician, my wrist strap was connected to metal on the bench that was connected to earth ground. Such a long time ago...
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