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Thread: The Void / 3D Blackness

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    The Void / 3D Blackness

    Hello Robert,

    What is your experience(s) with or views on 'The Void' / 3-D velvety Blackness (as Monroe called it).

    A multitude of OBE and NDE experiencers have been 'there'.

    What is your theory and experience with it? Are you 'there' (in this state) often while projecting? Or do you get around it?

    Is it the same as exit blindness (I do not believe so)?

    Some see a completely black void and others (like me) rather see black with greyish/light swirls or pinpoints of light moving. What is your version you see?

    Some fear it, for others (like me) it is a 'nice' place of manifestation or a launchpad for further astral plane travel (a kind of jump portal or hub if you will).

    Thank you and best regards
    This collector of useless clutter.

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    Re: The Void / 3D Blackness


    Robert, I'd like to write an article about The Void next year and therefore would love to read your opinion for quoting it if I may, need only be in a few sentences.

    Many thanks.
    This collector of useless clutter.

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    Re: The Void / 3D Blackness

    Fancy that, I just realised the void half an hour ago and i read this. This is in the real world mind you, but yep it is beyond space in linear time. Jah is here as well. !

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