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Thread: Pink-colored memory-erasing mind noise

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    Pink-colored memory-erasing mind noise

    hi Robert,
    i had a hynogogic event unfold recently that I'd hope you might be able to decipher. I was half listening to a metaphysical show on tv. My eyes were shut, my mind was wandering. I get a vague past memory in my head. As I start to explore it, I recall me making an important decision, a decision that had significant impact on myself and others. I follow this this rememberance further and my recall becomes clearer. Eventually as I flush out the details I suddenly realized that this wasn't something that happened on earth but was in space and I'm not sure I was necessarily human. This realization jolted me to be more conscious and I tried to recast the memory now with the new understanding that this was something outside my conscious reality.

    As I tried to focus on my earlier thought and recall it with this new realized context, I suddenly receive a jolting telepathic "kazoo-like sound". The sound is inside my head and as I receive it, I receive this sensation of a circular "wad of pink bubblegum" being jammed into the centered front of my brain just above the eyebrows. For a split second this took my mind off of my thought and I lost that memory completely in that instant.

    After taking in the event as it happened I realized that this must have been some sort of memory suppression tool used against me. My question(s) for you would be:

    is this anything you've come across before?
    Would this device be man-made, ET, or Astral in nature?
    Is there any indication of this being used malevolently or benevolent (aka "done for my own good") towards me?
    Is it an effect of a universal law that might prevent full recall of a previous experience?
    Am i picking up some other entity's conscious thought and viewing it first person (in which case I'd guess this would be a way for them to protect their privacy)?

    I'd love to hear your opinion on the incident

    honestly I find the suppression incident as fascinating as the memory that it was used on to suppressed.
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