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Thread: Hi all

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    Hi all

    Thanks for welcoming me into this community! I'm excited to devote more time towards meditation.

    A few things about me--
    I'm currently studying for a MS in chemical engineering. This pursuit has had a profound influence on my mindset. I used to be a Christian, but abandoned those beliefs about 5 years ago. My world view is dominated by objective thought which didn't jive with religion in general. I often struggle with the nihilistic views that accompany objectivity but don't see myself changing to a different mindset (do we ever though).

    I first read some of Robert Bruce's works 6 years ago. I dove into the idea of the astral realm and the general views that the world is much more hidden and secret than we expect as humans. I tend to disagree now, any experience from lucid dreams to OBEs to me are strictly inside the mind, but of course I can't say for sure-- it's just my opinion. When I meditate I still use energy work and visualize chakras and my subtle body but I don't think my body actually contains these things. They are simply powerful tools for having my mind behave certain ways. The mind of course is much deeper than any individual experiences and I don't make any assumptions regarding what it can or can't do, I only accept what I know it can do.

    I adore making and listening to music, I enjoy painting and reading sci-fi novels.

    I'd love to hear some new techniques any of you use for daily meditation! Improving my practices of meditation is my main goal for being a part of this forum.

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    Re: Hi all

    Welcome to the site!
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    Re: Hi all

    Welcome to the forums, JJ.
    You might enjoy Kant's work.
    Hope you enjoy it here.
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