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Thread: Imagery Behind Eyelids?

  1. Imagery Behind Eyelids?

    Last night while I was lying in bed, I had started to play around mentally with those lingering images behind the eyelids (I think mainly because the room I was sleeping in was not too terribly dark, so those "vision spots" were still behind my eyelids). What happened though was those formless spots slowly starting getting texturized, as if billowing smoke or moving sand. It slowly turned into a city landscape and morphed into individualized people I could see walking in the street, not too detailed but enough to notice the physics of their walk, even though they were more like clay individuals.
    I can't recall much from there, but I was really intrigued how my mind was making clear images for me behind my eyelids, as if I was watching a screen with hardly any work from my mind, like watching a show. The most surprising moment was an imagine of a dandelion in my mind and I could look around it mentally and see every detail, almost in greater detail than I could in real life. I have never had a strong astral projection experience before at all but this "imagery" really surprised me and came out of the blue. My mind was relaxed enough and I wasn't trying to put myself in deep meditation or a relaxed state.
    Any idea what this could mean? Thanks!

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    Re: Imagery Behind Eyelids?

    thanks for sharing. That sounds more like a remote viewing than an AP.
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    Re: Imagery Behind Eyelids?

    you can convert a remote viewing into a obe
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