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Thread: Hi Everyone

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    Hi Everyone

    I visited Robert's site after reading Practical Psychic Self Defence. I then found this forum and joined so I can read posts and contribute whenever possible. I'm interested in kundalini awakenings instead of astral travel so I pray to get the funds to buy Robert's program on kundalini awakenings. I'm a web designer so if anyone wants to help me obtain the funds then please feel free to contact me about this service.

    Thanks a lot,
    Love Always

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    Re: Hi Everyone

    It's a tad late, but, welcome befree22 : )

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    Re: Hi Everyone

    Hello, befree22!
    I think that it's possible to raise Kundalini with just the information from Robert Bruce's "Energy Work". I also didn't buy the course because of the price (It's probably ok for first world countries, but very expensive for others) and customer support refusing to answer any questions.
    I've managed to get to Kundalini spike event twice, but was afraid of trying full raising yet. We can start a thread about it if you want


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