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Thread: gracious

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    Acceptance is enlightened.

    The world I know is full of surprises and old understandings alike. Am I being tricked here?

    Why doesn't the peace stay in my heart when I am happy - it will.
    Won't the eternal truth know manifest physicality - your body is an expression of self-expression.
    Can it be any other way than God's - yes, create knowledge.

    - I understand thought. Without the perfect imperfections the facts would be basic + non-self determined. If I (me) could be a perfect God, would I forget anything? Only pain. The truth about love --> no mistakes, no fun.
    - However I don't get the point about safety. Got money got more/less rights? Got power got more/less love? Got company got more/less sense? No thanks, I like myself naturally... more or less understanding, that is.

    Grace is not forbidden, time is not a threat...
    Be a perfect lesson then... I want depth.

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    loose game

    Clean or rotten...
    You don't like war, you don't like peace. You like meaning. Meaning what? Who you really are and what you really know.
    The fake stuff is hypocrisy. OK, it loves your God. But do you?
    The choice to light, faith, forgiveness, finally to pleasure is NOT bad!
    You need a want, hence you already are one... needing hypocrisy? Scientifically, that is for neurosis. Just heal anxiety. Face it and call it endangered. Then you wanted yourself.
    If you still like war and peace, you have meaning. Earth is a lesson, in spirituality. Barring that - well, you are somewhere else. Rejoice...

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    ways and means meet ends

    Everybody has heard of the hard way and the easy way. Psychics appear not to know anything else! That is because they know journeys.

    To me, there is a hard way and a harder way... And they switch with proof of eternity. Hencely, psychics "send one in" the hard way, then it's time to recapitulate and learn just as hard. The proof was done.

    People who only learn the so-called "easy way" are learning the HARDER way. Conforming to and abiding in everything Earth did is a very hard lesson indeed. Where are they going to find their own meanings? In self-administered boredom... that's cheap and one day one will learn to be more authentic.

    The miracle proceeds thusly: Purpose and success, next celebration and peace. Yippee!

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    Re: gracious

    the whole money generating issue with practice of occult arts is that you can either do tarot cards or readings or aura readings or do fortune readings or spell casting and make good money out of it but then you aren't really practicing for the sake of evolution and chartering your own path in mastering it.

    once you master it the discipline is the main thing to control.
    silly rabbit , trix are for kids .

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    anybody want to try my angels?

    ### channelled (archangel = all angels) ###
    angels (message) - in a pickle.txt
    ### the subject matter is ego: begin here ###

    name omitted, [name is worthy]

    Fun is the solution to everything existential, and learning is a key. If you have fun, you will live abundantly and come to realise that you have grown, then learn again. Hence, the choices you make should be made conciously. Remember that there will be a lesson. It is chosen by the purity of your intentions. [life is lessons]

    Please try to remain honest and amicable to change. (I) say this because Heaven is about quality. A spiritually-minded individual such as yourself deserves things a little bit "higher" than the ordinary, in that context. This philosophical God in Heaven, is a part of us, but is also a part of yourself. Reason is an inevitable. [honesty is the virtue]

    Reason is alone, however, compassion - or pity - is qualified in the objective sense. Balancing the subjective (aloneness) and the objective (togetherness) lets you grow. We do this in spiritual ways. [balance is key]

    Live consciously and you will find a better lesson results. A better lesson is a better ego, because we show what is special about us, not what is typical. When your ego is full everything you ever learned is beautiful. And when your ego is flat, the ugly things are self defeated, outside you too. Be strong. There is no enemy to light. [ego is universe]

    Maintain a good attitude, and, know that selfishness brings rewards too. Your lessons are your final destination. [higher self]

    Love ,
    Archangel [sanity is destiny]

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    Power is the Ism.

    perfect people can prove you kind
    pragmatic people can prove you wise
    realistic people can prove you honest
    idealistic people can prove you grateful
    romantic people can prove you worldly
    cynical people can prove you alone
    mystics can prove you worthy
    altruistic people can prove you fair
    pacifists can prove you reasonable
    solipsists can prove you great
    narcisists can prove you sound
    famous people can prove you normal
    exorcists can prove you happy
    athletic people can prove you enlightened
    egalitarian people can prove you friendly
    sexist people can prove you fun
    racist people can prove you truthful
    interventionists can prove you realised
    materialistic people can prove you lucky
    skeptics can prove you decent
    egotists can prove you glorious
    optimistic people can prove you brave
    pessimistic can prove you fortunate
    chauvenists can prove you bold
    feminists can prove you meek
    socialists people can prove you wealthy
    liberals can prove you healthy
    totalitarians can prove you proper
    communists can prove you loving
    marxists can prove you objective
    facist people can prove you sane
    pluralists can prove you independent
    elite people can prove your individuality

    have fun

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    Re: gracious (God know)...

    The difference between peace and death is a fine line indeed. Death, not peace, is grateful to peace. Peace is grateful to God. Henceforth, life is clean. Hitherto, there must be a perfect God!

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    Keys - Dream On


    truth is the key to light
    knowledge is the key to perfection
    beauty is the key to truth
    wonder is the key to beauty
    beauty is the key to wonder
    gratitude is the key to peace
    sex is the key to heaven
    honesty is the key to hell
    grace is the key to magic
    love is the key to wisdom

    Tragic though it may sound, put the key (thought) in the lock (your mind) and your soul will be received. God is not going to judge you bad because you are the Creator - He would sooner judge Himself bad. Hence the pestilence and plagues that this world might overcome...

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    Re: gracious

    Conquering death:

    In meditation, complete your breath. Breathing is winning and surviving (not losing), sacred and sanctimonious (not impatient), righteous and meek (not unforgiving), done right. So, complete the breath, it might take 15 mins max.

    Next, suspend the breath. As that breath is held, life carries on within and without you. This is a still heart. Breathe no sooner than as you feel it timely to (5 seconds, a minute, up to you). This a few times.

    The state beyond that (start breathing properly again) is flooded with love and does not have to concern itself with pain. Hence, one will become realised.

    My higher self taught me this after i realised it with a friend on LSD. We simply did not have to breathe!!! o

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    Re: gracious

    The difference between good sense and tripe (in voices).

    The deal with charisma is it knows enough others. Now, everybody knows someone who does that wrong. It's not in "societal" to be charismatic, you know, it's in family, friends and lovers. So, when a "moron" comes after you with their ego, in your mind too, you are already safe in the understandings of your real loved ones.

    These people have a problem, it is envy. Voices will act out any drama that exists in themes in your own life. So simply, if you don't want "tripe" coming at you like a moth to a lightbulb, you could try seeing through the part that goes, "Well so be it that I am more right than you then."

    Simple truth: "Right" is the word for somebody who has a life to live. "Wrong" is the word for someone who dislikes everyone. "Nappies" are for those who need to unite the two types of minds. In other words, keep your mind clear by forgetting indecent others, just let them leave. And, solidify the real others.

    Spirituality is indeed a dynamic and fundamentally lawful perspective, based on mutual understandings. Respect, is the cornerstone of that.

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