Dear Robert,

I attended one of the online AP courses in which you also participated as a teacher a few years ago, and I have been using your book "Astral Dynamics" as a study-book for years. I would like to ask some clarifying questions concerning the part of the book which deals with the "etheric body during physical death" (part V, ch. 2.

I wonder if you could spare some time to answer them. According to your book, at death the real-time body (+ the etheric body) is projected out of the physical body (a process akin to a highly energetic OBE) into the RT zone. As a result of this process, the "master copy of mind", previously contained within the p. body, is carried-alongside with its memories via the gradual flow of etheric matter (storing the memories)- into this newly formed real-time/etheric body, where it attains awareness just as it was aware previously in the p. body. To me, this seems to be a process, which ought to take a certain amount of time.

Your book considers the possibility of "sudden death" (pg 406-7; book edition: Charlottesville, 1999), however, from the text, it is not clear to me how can the above process take place (from its beginning to its completion) in cases when the p. body is destroyed instantaneously (as in an explosion)? What I mean is that, at one moment, the awake mind is completely conscious within the p. body and the real-time/etheric body is completely "aligned" with the p. body in a "non-expanded" state. Then, in the next moment, the p. body disintegrates in a large explosion while still containing the aware "master copy of mind" (including its memories) and the "sleeping" real-time/etheric body) within. In this case, how can the OBE projection take place and be completed? How can the real-time body be projected? How can the etheric body expand? And most importantly, how can the master copy of mind (+awareness) be "transferred" into the RT/etheric body via a supposed OBE projection if the p. body (still containing the mind and awareness) is destroyed in an instant? Could you clarify how can this process take place in such special cases?

Is it possible that some part of it cannot be completed? For instance, the real-time/etheric body cannot expand and project after the complete disintegration of the p. body. Or the master copy of mind (including its memories and awareness) disappears for good because it is still "trapped" within the p. body when the later disintegrates instantaneously. I have no problem to conceive the above described "after death projection" in connection with other forms of death when brain activity ceases gradually. For instance, after the hearth stops, it takes a few seconds before the brain falls into a coma or brain activity gradually ceases due to the lack of O2. However, this is not the case when the p. body explodes and disintegrates in an instant. You can reply to my mail as well: