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Thread: Affirmation Programming Question

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    Affirmation Programming Question

    Is it possible to program affirmations directly in to the area of the body in addition to just saing them?

    For example "I will have an Out of Body experience, I will remember my out of body experience" - While I tap my vain on the right hand?

    Would this be the right approach?

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    Re: Affirmation Programming Question

    You can try it. You can create a ritual with it if it works. Let us know if it works, it sounds interesting.
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    Re: Affirmation Programming Question

    I think that it will help if you program the affirmation in trance state. I didn't try with linking affirmations to gestures (but IMHO it's worth trying and a nice experiment), but for regular affirmations trance state works wonders. Also, for me the affirmations seem most effective when they are formulated in the present tense.

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