I dont understand why dont astral projection masters like robert bruce get new inventions scientific undiscovered facts breakthroughs or even prove that astral projection can be used for practical uses like forensic sciences ,crime problem solving ,to gain accurate info about the heavenly bodies like ingo swann tried.why not try to utilize the phenomenon if it is real?

if the ascended masters astral entities can give you wisdom which btw are available easily in religions spiritual teachings,why cant they give up scientific breakthroughs constantly if they are so advanced,developed humane and real?

Astral projection and astral planes have been debunked over and over by scientists because the projectors never provided with hard facts and astral planes hardly match the concept of string theory defined dimensions...yet occultists and mystics i see never defending this phenomenon as a true phenomenon and providing discoveries and scientific inventions that can help mankind and surprise scientists

In fact with abilities robert bruce has even if he keeps his abilities of ap secret and deliver scientific knowledge or breakthroughs or unknown information he can easily be rich.i dont understand why are mystics struggling in life if you have the entire reality ascended masters,occult entities, aliens at your fingertips.

Are you sure you people are not hallucinating?