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Thread: is it possible to project from the lotus position?

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    is it possible to project from the lotus position?

    is it possible to project from the lotus position or at least a position with no head and neck support? or is lying down at an angle an absolute requirement?
    these positions are great for preventing "click-outs" thats why i use them for trance training, but are they too tense for projection?

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    Re: is it possible to project from the lotus position?

    In most of his books Robert recommends not using head support precisely to prevent clickouts. He doesn't specify a necessary position, he just shares that which works best for him.
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    Re: is it possible to project from the lotus position?

    i have projected from sitting meditation... the experience is not as much "flow" more like looking at a map than just going somewhere. can be done, maybe best for operations requiring personal insight.

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    Re: is it possible to project from the lotus position?

    The lotus position is idea for OBE. However, it takes years for most Western people to be comfortable enough, and stable enough, to do a conscious OBE from that position.

    An alternative is to use a regular kitchen chair with no head support. Best to use a foot stool, so ankles and feet do not swell.

    The advantage of this is that every time your body falls asleep (causing OBE) your head will droop a few seconds later, jerking your projected double back. This can happen many times per minute, giving a great many opportunities to successfully download short OBE memories. This is great for training. And if you position your chair close to a wall, you can allow your head to fall back an inch or two so it is supported, which will allow for longer OBE.

    Keep in mind that very short OBE is recommended...starting with 10 seconds out of body and then diving back into body passionately screaming your success key words.


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