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Thread: Have you ever thought about making anti neg charity,, RB ??

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    Have you ever thought about making anti neg charity,, RB ??

    I wanted to sell water beds but my mum would not let me.

    reason because she was afraid with water because the electricity in the conducts

    I was going to make a company to protect those that suffer but i don't have the money

    I was going to be the extension of your countermeasures technology. You know how the first computers came out over time they got really really advanced. I wanted to make advanced waterbeds business for example the power of the running aromatherapy essential oils instead of running water for example

    I was going to make anti neg rest homes for stress relief but i don't have the money

    i have let go of this fantasy of divine service and moved onto something much much extreame-ly helpful for the planet

    I am working on a book later date in life,,, called,,
    how to be a spiritual billionare,,,
    about being spiritually rich how to fully awaken talking more then a million awakenings i've got the knowledge inside how too

    With the money you have made as an author you might want to consider making this anti charity RB or company

    ^too extend your spiritual empire
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