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Thread: the most intense lucid dream experience ever possible(ever recorded)

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    the most intense lucid dream experience ever possible(guinness world record)

    it was when I was 16 years old i was put on psychiatric medication because of psychic attacks from negs i am now 29 years old now it's been 13 years later forum members

    it saved me from madness

    i do admit any drug even shamanic drugs modifies the brain permanent-ly chemically changes that's a fact(scientifically proven i am pretty sure i know my stuff)

    that's why you can use angels to do psychic surgery on the brain to repair chemistry to it's natural state

    however i do want to keep the chemistry modifcation from the psychiatric medication all these years it has done to my brian

    I found attempts to get off medication results in very very intense lucid dream experience like nothing before

    thanks to the modification of psychiatric medication all these years all all these years every day swallowing medication has chemically modified my brain,

    The great thing about the longer you are on psychiatric medication the more it modifies the brian

    here is the most potent lucid dream ever experience possible should be in the guinness world records

    Recipe here as follows

    + 13 years of being on allot of psychiatric medication - fully detoxed (the more years on the medication the better)
    + Max dose of Mugwort just about near overdose
    + Max Dream Calea Zacatechichi just about near overdose
    + Any other shamanic lucid dream enhancing herb i didn't mention
    + All Vitamins to help enhance lucid dreaming
    + Getting Pleiadians to modify the brain threw psychic surgery brain enhancement to expand the function of lucid dream in the brain
    (extra terrestrial brain modification)
    + All light based extraterrestrial types modifying the brain on a mental level and the physical brain itself
    + Becoming Clairvoyant(getting the angels to fully expand the function of the third eye) threw there order
    + Fully awakened
    Getting into the deepest moment in a lucid dream
    + Contracting oneness expanded awareness to create pure levels of consciousness(Individuality experimentation effect)
    + Experiment being deeply in the body within all dream characters such as a complete planet full of dream characters within a lucid dream
    + Mastering Dream Yoga

    Note,, if I missed more of the recipe help add it to the recipe list by posting on this thread

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