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Thread: New boy in the forum!!

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    Hello everyone

    Hello everyonefirst, I'm Spanish, that's why I use the translator and I do not speak very well hehe.I am new to the forum and I would like to learn a lot about astral travel.I have read several books, among them Dinamica Astral, (I am going to read it again now).The maximum that I have felt have been the vibrations and hearing voices, but I have not passed from there.


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    Re: New boy in the forum!!

    Buenos Dias! Bienvenido al Forum de Dinamica Astral.
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    Re: New boy in the forum!!

    that is so so cool. It's great getting a kid to get a great start in life threw spirituality. I wish i had children i will feel ready once i get 1000-2000 awakenings

    i am 29 years old but don't have a GF
    If your my soulmate please contact me immediate-ly asap

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    Re: New boy in the forum!!

    Bienvenido o bienvenida, algunos de nosotros hablamos español. Espero que disfrutes el foro y lo encuentres útil.
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    Re: New boy in the forum!!

    silly rabbit , trix are for kids .

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