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Thread: Ultrasonic Neg Repeller

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    Re: Ultrasonic Neg Repeller

    Hi Angel10023,

    TMS might help. Strong magnetic fields are well known to mess with Negs, because negs have an electromagnetic aspect to them, so a TMS machine which uses strong magnetic pulses might affect the negs. You would have to try it to know for sure.

    TMS is generally only available via hospitals and other medical facilities, and usually fairly hard to get access to. This said, the TMS machines are not hard to create, as they use a surprisingly simple circuit for such a handy medical device. There may be options available on the internet.

    An alternative magnetic counter measure worth consideration would be the use of strong wearable magnets, which are available from many sources, and at very modest cost. There are many on Ebay and Amazon, and come in many varieties, including wrist bands, necklaces...etc. You could also experiment with the use of small powerful rare earth magnets (also readily available on Ebay, Amazon, Radio Shack...etc)

    Hope this helps.

    Best Wishes

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  2. Re: Ultrasonic Neg Repeller

    Thanks Jexx. I've been talking to others and doing a lot of online research and so far these are the devices that people claim to have had an effect on Negs. I don't know if any of them would work on something as large as what I have in me..but this is the list. I'd like to hear feedback or comments from anyone that knows about any of these devices or has used them and what they think. Thanks

    1. multi-wave oscillator
    2. pyro energen
    3. Rife - Spooky2 - there are different parts you can purchase and different frequencies you can play with and there is a 'radionics' add on you can buy separate - I, honestly, wouldn't even begin to know how to use this device and what parts or frequencies would work
    4. Metatron, and knock off hunter 4025 (its apparently a box with electromagnets) I was just told about this and I am looking into it more

  3. Re: Ultrasonic Neg Repeller

    The air ionizer I bought for $10 just came and it doesn't look like much. It pretty small and lightweight and the instructions were in Chinese. I don't think this will do much

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