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    hermetic group

    Hi Gang,

    A few years back, a group of us was studying Franz Bardon's book "Initiation Into Hermetics". I'm only
    halfway through it, taking my time. I am interested in the "Elements". I am not preaching or talking about any religion. I've read the bible many many times. I've now been reading the Bhagavad Gita; also several times, and I find, in my opinion that the Catholic teachings stem from these writings; the Gita only being one of them. I was raised Catholic and been to the catechism classes, when I was younger. What I find IMO is the teachings I've had comes from these writings; although these writings are much much older. I am now reading the Shri Bhagavadam and Canto 3.4 explains where the "elements" originated. I am captivated by this book. Canto 3 is very explicit. I suggest all, in this group, read this portion of it. I am now starting Canto 5. Sometimes it's hard to follow who's talking to who--but it gets easier. Some of the science things are explained and I take it as it is stated; since, we really do not know. It also talks about the Physical, Subtle, and Mental bodies---quite well, in my opinion.

    I think our "practicioners will relate to this book and receive it well. It explains a lot of things.


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    Re: hermetic group

    I think that in order to understand transcendence one doesn't need to do anything but lift the mental muscle.

    this is called gym for the brain , once your develop cerebral muscle via meditation , that's when the fun starts. I started off with trance work but now I'm kind of good even without it.
    silly rabbit , trix are for kids .

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