At the start of this experience, I was laying in bed and saw a spider crawling on the floor. This prompted me to get up, and I killed it with a tissue box, since it was the closest thing I could find. [note - I can never kill them with tissue boxes IRL, and always use sandals.] Right away I realized this was a false awakening, and that there had been a seamless transition from laying in my physical bed to astral projecting. I can not remember if the rope technique was successful, or if I gave up for a short while and spontaneously projected.

I examined the room further, and noticed there were some astral fluctuations - such as my sliding door closet was now a glass sliding door leading to the outside. There was weird ominous “music” coming from outside (I was hearing the sounds of the freeway from the window above my physical self, but it sounded extra distorted in the astral). I saw myself, my astral self, at one point, and had thought I looked at a mirror at the time, but I was looking straight at myself and not a reflection. I was in only boxers, just like IRL, and had bed head. I looked very blurry [note, in lucid dreams I look completely normal, like in waking life]. I do think there is a possibility I had went through the mirror on my door without realizing it, which led to some of the fluctuations I was seeing in my room - however that's only speculation. Looking back at this, I now think I may have saw my astral self through my physical body with astral sight.

I laid down on the floor which was scattered with my cat's toys, and felt their textures and heard their sounds (another fluctuation, as there was only a single toy there upon awakening). I tried to pass through my door but failed, and it felt solid. I looked at my bed but couldn’t see my physical body - however the bed sheets were messy. I decided to end the projection, so I laid back in bed and tried to get back in physical body. It took a few seconds, but I transitioned back into my physical self as seamlessly as I had left it.