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Thread: Human Hypocrisy

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    Human Hypocrisy

    I just wanted to spill some poison for those who advertise white light,love,justice etc,and if you don't have money to pay them,they ignore you...
    I'm not taking about asking from someone to help you win the lotary or attract a lover.

    Those who are neg infected,know very well that these beings can destroy every aspect of your life including your family also...You do whatever you can and then you realize that your only hope is to find an adept who knows how to help,..

    It's all fine and nice,until you tell them that you're broke and you don't have anything to offer,,At this point their lovelight turns down,and they just ignore you..You don't deserve to be helped,unless you have money to offer....

    Ok i agree,,,If you have,you got to pay,,But when somone is drowning and asks for your help,and you ignore him because he has nothing to offfer in return,sorry,but you're not spiritual..You're just a merchant who trades things...

    Sorry guys but for me,humans should support each other if we want a chance to win...There's no my problem or your problem..There is only problem..
    today it's me,tomorow it could be you..You never know how things will turn..

    On the other side,i've met low profile people who were more than willing to help..An adept witch,did several astral travels for me and at the very end when her spirits informed her that i need to make a sacrifice,she knew that there was no chance to do something like that,and she did it..And she's one of that persons that loves animals...I don't want to name her,but she's a REAL human with more balls than every man i know so far,,,

    So i dedicate this thread to those who have the knowledge and the skills to help,but not the poor and the broke ones..

    And of course to my overself who's the most ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ of all...
    @dear overself
    If you want to advance and learn things,then come down your self,call all the negs of the world,learn the lessons,and then go back to your dimension and put the knowledge to your ass..

    Thanks for the understanding

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    Re: Human Hypocrisy

    I asked my "overself" of this and it said, the demons of the world don't know who or what is worldly anymore, because the world, or faith, has changed considerably. Step up if you like to, to be seen, to be appreciated, but expect to be knocked back. Power is not as fun to experience as it once were... o

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