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    Bay Leaves

    I was instructed to do a bath with cleansing herbs like bay leaves,mint,patchouli,rosemary,hyssop and see if it'll work.
    The only thing a found in my kitchen was dryed bay leaves (laurel),so i decided to give it a shot to see if herbs really work..

    I threw some leaves in a bucket of cold water,and wait for an hour to have a more ''laurelish'' water..
    Then i put the water in a clean spray bottle,and started sprinkle all over my body..

    When the water touched my head and my face,suddenly everything become ''clear''..I could feel the effect of it,and i knew that somehow,a good percentage of my neg attachments were reduced at least 50%...

    I kept spraying my body,and then almost every corner of my house including furnitures and electric devices..The poltergeist activities STOPPED..
    Unfortunaly the next day i felt again that the neg was descending in my head and the noises started again,so i grabed the spray bottle and had another round of sprinkling...The whole thing stopped again...

    Seems like it's working in some extend,depending how serious the problem is,and what kind of entities you're dealing with,but it definitely works...
    I sat in my pc for almost 5 hours without a focus problem,and i managed to watch a tv show,like a normal human.(most of the times i can't)...

    So i wanted to share this one,cause if it works for me,it'll work for you also..
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    interesting..someone just told me recently to burn cloves...she said that worked for her...

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    Re: Bay Leaves

    I was also told to use cloves..Seems like herbs are kickin ass.
    I was snobing them,but now i start to change my mind..


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