Dear Robert, I have been going through my own catch basket .

Trying to figure out everything that is holding me back. And the deeper I go the more I realize you canít just focus solely on spiritual/astral projection things.

For example I realized a long time ago that money always held me back. But the deeper I went I realized it wasnít really money that was holding me back, but the idea that I sucked at making money. That I didnít have the right job, or no future career prospects, or didnít understand how to save or how money worked. This kind of stuff was so endrenched in other aspects of my life that I could clearly see how it connected and created my life today. For example even your courses. For the past decade I have been visiting your site and saying to myself ok Iím going to start this astral projection course...and yet years have gone by. And the money that I probably had to spend on your brilliant course I probably spent on random stuff/nights out throughout the years. And yet, itís crazy to think that I probably always had the money to create a great life. If I knew about investing, and proper saving, and was conditioned my beliefs and habits I could probably have made some huge progress throughout the years.

And I feel the same can be said for allot of other beliefs, they are all interconnected and even the most mundane beliefs like ď I am not good enough for this personĒ, play significantly to our spiritual progress.

It seems like I could write an entire book on what I think my limiting beliefs are. Should we do that? Maybe write down everything from every part of our lives? Like relationships, health, money, spiritual values, perceptions...

How to we go about getting to the deep deep core beliefs, even if we cant see them right now. It took me years to realize it wasnít money that held me back, but that I just didnít understand what it was money was.