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Thread: Safe passage

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    Safe passage

    The human right to safe passage:
    - right thinking about honesty

    There are two ways to be honest: abruptly or else courteously. The line between them is thin only whereby there is no such proof. What is proven can be discussed frankly, and the other way is Science. If YOU are stuck in a deadbeat situation with controversial explanations competing for attention, know this: There cannot be a will without a God; people need to believe in their own theories. Simple as the analogy of a dartboard.

    faith is not bad

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    Re: Safe passage

    By the way, I call this right "guidance."

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    Re: Safe passage

    Hmmm. People should have the right to believe in their own theories, I agree, but I don't think everyone should. I don't know if this has something to do with what you're expressing, but I thought I'd throw it out there.
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    Re: Safe passage

    Maybe an older soul has its own theory and the rest are not so cunning. But of course... the biggest theory is, everyone has their own one in there somewhere... just a case of bring it on through. Or else, of course, Hitler and Jesus forever... sigh.

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