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Thread: Questions on the "Energy Work" book

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    Questions on the "Energy Work" book

    I am reading "Energy Work". Am I correct in thinking that the chapters are progressive, i.e. when you are doing what's written under "Practice" in, say, chapter 5, you don't need to perform what's written under "Practice" in previous chapters? Or is it that chapters 1 through 5 are progressive, and chapters 6 ("Energy blockages") and 7 ("Self-healing") are special, need-based exercises?

    In other words, which chapter has the final / most advanced set of exercises?

    Second question, how do you know when it's OK to move from chapter 1 "Practice" to chapter 2 "Practice", and so on?

    Finally, I'd have expected the "Practice" section at the end of a chapter to cover exercises introduced in that chapter, but the "Practice" section in chapter 1 covers only belly breathing and sinking feeling, not the other 4-5 exercises introduced in that chapter.

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    Re: Questions on the "Energy Work" book

    I believe this may be because most of the people that have the book have read the NEW workbooks and are familiar with the way the exercises are done. I want to say that the progression is in order, although I think they all should be done just to remember how to do them if the need arises. I'm not sure if this was clear. :s
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