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Thread: question about divination

  1. question about divination

    Can you use divination by going into a lucid dream or by going out of body?

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    Re: question about divination

    Divination happens automagically in the astral. It is like a cognitive love-machine. Everything symbolises something. So basically, use divination in the real world, but if you want to try doing it in another realm expect a surprise, a different sort of result. The real world and the astral aren't really all that alike. The astral is more like a circle, the real world more like a square.

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    Re: question about divination

    I have found that only people who tend towards precognition have precognitive astral experiences. It can and does happen, but sporadically and in the short term.
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    Re: question about divination

    I think it would essentially happen more joyously in the astral. Might just be myself but physical tarot/precognition is rather normal, not so wild n' free.

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