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    New Article Series

    Here is an excellent new series of articles taken from a series of recent interviews with Robert Bruce.

    Part one:


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    Re: New Article Series

    The second part of this series is now live


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    Re: New Article Series

    Here are the next installments.

    Part three:

    Part four:

    The editor is doing a superb job on these...


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    Re: New Article Series

    Great! Can't wait to see it.
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    Re: New Article Series

    Quote Originally Posted by Robert Bruce View Post

    Most interesting though, is that if you think about a person that is alive in the real world, the fingers point to where that person is in the physical world, so if they’re behind you, or to the side, or wherever, they point that way.

    I thought that if you could get a couple of people doing this then you could use it to find a missing person, you could use that to triangulate them, and then you would have a pretty good idea as to where that person is in real life.


    I don’t know what I am, I’m the Inner Daemon, I’m like God, I don’t know what I am.

    I think this is the highest level you can get to before source becomes everything, but I’m floating in the middle of the universe, I’m like the master of the universe, and I know at that time that I have full creative ability where I can create and manifest anything.
    These 2 parts sound absolutely amazing. What is the limit here with the creative abilities. I am speaking about practical use. If you go into that state could you manifest a house, or anything in the physical? Have you tried this or is there something stopping this from happening?

    And I would like to get to the point of being able to locate people. I made a post about using astral projection for that, but if what you are saying is possible (and you are able to maintain that state in your normal conscoussness. It would be great to help people, and not only that but I’m sure it would become a very successful buisness model).

    Like for example I know for a long time you have had the idea for a institute, and a physical location for research. Sort of like the Monroe institute. Could reaching the highest level of kundalini help you plan that out? The step by step process to attaining that, or even generating/manifesting the right situations to get to that point (money, resources...)

    I only ask because I truly believe in your dream too. And there seem to be few people on earth heading in that direction.

    I can only see one person who has done something similar. Sai baba, has millions of followers, a huge complex in India and a hospital and university. And honestly it would be great if something on that scale would be possible with your research. He obviously had help getting there...I mean know one builds hospitals and universities from scratch.

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