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Thread: OBE last night

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    Daniel Guest

    OBE last night

    Okay...I barely remembered having this one...

    It wasn't a lucid dream because I remember coming out of my body.

    I remember dreaming, then suddenly finding myself at my body and floating out of it, my legs wouldn't move, so I threw my hands up and it swung my legs out of my body and I was out. Although I was almost instantly taken to a large room..

    Once here I didn't even know what I should do, the only thing I knew that I could try was to fly, so I tried and didn't really succeed. Man, I don't know what went wrong, why is my mind so...not focused... or whatever, on what I want to accomplish during the day in my conscious part of my life? It just seems soo....I want to use the word goggly, but I don't think that's a word, kind of like blurry but not with sight, like my mind is a big blur and I can't focus or think clearly...

    So I wake up a couple hours later after slipping into a dream and think for a minute, and then suddenly realise I had an OBE last night, which was pretty cool. I'm very happy I got it atleast!

    Acutally, now that I think of it...I guess it could be a lucid dream, I may have just been dreaming about floating out of my body...I'm not sure.

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    Well done, Daniel. Lucid dream or OBE, they're both marks of progress. The experience can be very "nebulous" at times. On a positive note, they can only get better. I think when you're relaxed, meditating well and raising lots of energy, the experiences tend to be more clear cut. It definitely requires patience and persistence!
    "A dream is a question, not an answer."
    (Therapist and dreamworker Strephon Kaplan

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