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Thread: OBE survey #1

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    kiwi wrote:
    The difference between lucid dreams and OBEs is definitely not an absolute, they are simply the same experience with different levels of inside/outside awareness.
    Even though I agree with this in principle (flipping focus is flipping focus) for the purposes of this survey I leave it to the individual experiencer to decide if they had a LD or an AP, and to only mark yes if they've had an astral projection. It doesn't have to be an RTZ OBE- a direct phase is a yes.
    Just wanted to clarify, since we're in a different page.
    AD Pedia:

    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    kiwibonga said:
    The difference between lucid dreams and OBEs is definitely not an absolute, they are simply the same experience with different levels of inside/outside awareness.
    Which is basically what I said, so I agree. With "inside/outside awareness" being the same thing as perception. I think that everything we do is based on our personal perception. I know that somehow my experiences are all different. Some are tactile, some are not, some have great emotion in them, some I am completely removed emotionally from what's happening. Some I can control, some seem to just happen to me. I'm the same me. But, sometimes, it's hard to tell what's "me" and what's someone else. I often change perspectives without trying and can be someone else, and still know that it's "me". But, they are all altered states of consciousness. That I know for SURE, because they are so different from "normal" waking reality. But, the lines between the experiences are often fuzzy and impossible to pinpoint exactly what it is that I am experiencing.

    I think a lot of this has to do with the perspective that I go into the experience with. Which reminds me, Robert said something in AD about ending up in different places in the astral based on the degree or angle that you approach the "grid". This seems to be suspiciously similar to mental perspective. So, I may not be mentallly aware of what angle I am going into the astal at, therefore, my mental perspective will be different depending on what "physical" angle I have approached the astral grid at. So, in that sense they are all astral experiences, (OBE, phasing, LD's, etc.), but they have been reached by different means (angles/perspectives).

    But, as Cf said, use your own interpretation of your experience when you answer her survey. Just trying to muddy up the waters for you, CF.

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    Dialgo Guest
    Heh...Well I've never had a concious one yet I've been really close! The only OBE I've had so far was when I nearly drown when I was young.

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    kmD Guest
    i voted yes
    had my first concious projection in 2003, after having LD's, sleep paralysis. kept up with until late 2005 and now im back on a good schedule and having a blast with it.

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    CEP2plet Guest
    RTZ OBE, from LD, by phasing, from a hypnogogic and hypnopompic states.

    Had my first OBE in 1998. Lucid dreams and OBEs came all at once. There was no progression. It was life-altering. And no, I was not using drugs. I grew up with it, in a way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Temp
    At Robert's workshop, someone asked a question about the difference between OBE's, LD's, and projecting. In a round about way, Robert basically said they were all the same thing. I would also include phasing, regressions, dreaming, and all forms of altered consciousness. But, for practical purposes, they have different qualities.
    I agree altered states of consicousness and slipping from one state to the other is natural so we need not get caught up in the discrepancies and defintions . Although defined terms are useful to discuss metaphysical experiences , dreamstate projections are known to move from one brainwave measured state to another and they are all part of the parcel . Enjoy .

    My most common form of exit?
    Mine is Mystic projection of consciousness in meditative trance
    ~*~Love , Light & Laughter ~*~

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    Zante Guest

    Re: OBE survey #1

    During my first consciously induced projection, which lasted only 10 seconds, the room was very dark but the objects had some sort of silver outline allowing me to distinguish what they were. It ended abruptly when I began trying to blur my vision (something I do in 'rl' by crossing my eyes briefly) followed by a very loud and high pitched noise. I had a very strong feeling of vertigo straight after coming out of it which lasted about one month.

    I've also had a projection without any sight but fully aware of my surroundings. I've passed through floors and walls without being to see anything but instinctively knowing how to navigate the environment.

    I've had a few now, my goal usually involves creating a new 'body' for myself or looking for someone to talk to, I've succeeded in both endeavours and it never gets boring. Bloody hell, the excitement I get is beyond incredible.

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    Kashacer17 Guest

    Re: OBE survey #1

    I will vote for Yes.
    Some time a wake up during the night I start falling sleep and feel the vibrations, that is when I relax and roll over my bed to exit. Let me tell you, I never try to go back consciously; always I go back when I least expected, but I am usually able to exit at least few times in a road. When I return, I feel so light, and could not wait for the next one!

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    Scott Guest

    Re: OBE survey #1

    I voted yes, but I don’t have a "most common kind of exit" I have only been out a few times but I feel the technique that works best for me is one of my own I listen for astral noise then draw it in draw it in some more then a bit more then I am totally bombarded with astral noise and I just fall out.

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    MysticSage816 Guest

    Re: OBE survey #1

    I've only had one projection, I wish it was more but I've been too busy with school I was sleeping in on a weekend and became conscious while I was still mostly asleep so I was able to project with almost no problem.

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