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Thread: How Many OBEs Over How Long Time?

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    enlimm Guest

    How Many OBEs Over How Long Time?


    Would you please share how many OBEs have you had, and over how much time.

    This update about 93 over the course of 21 years.

    93 OBEs / 21yrs = about 4.5 per year

    How about you?? Thank you all for sharing!

    I have an idea. Those that post to this thread, please update your average as you gather more OBEs. This should be motivation for self and others. I'd like to be able to come and see and show how I am improving, and it would help and motivate me to see how others are getting more than I am. I'll periodically come update mine.



    Jan 05 thru Aug 05 -> 15 OBEs / 8 months = about 2 per month


    Feb05 thru Aug 05 -> 5 OBEs / 7 months = about 1 per month


    104 OBEs / 2 years = about 52 per year, average of 1 per week


    1 OBE / 13 years = don't give up!

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    Warriorking Guest
    about 15 since january this year, most were fairly weak though

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    Middleway Guest

    Re: How Many OBEs Over How Long Time?

    Quote Originally Posted by enlimm

    Would you please share how many OBEs have you had, and over how much time.

    I’ve had about 91 over the course of 21 years.

    91 OBEs / 21yrs = about 4 per year

    How about you??
    Since February, let me see... the dark cloudy... the AP, the other AP... the battle with the three shadow thingies... the light things... umm, about five. All of which were spontaneous. More if you count waking up in dreams.

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    knightlight Guest
    average of one a week for the past 2 years.... 104.

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    Sachiel Guest
    Once in my every 13 years. Just started though, heh.

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    knightlight Guest
    yikes and I thought I was having troubles. Keep in mind that is an average. Some weeks I wont have any and some nights I will have 4 in 4 hours. The 104 # is just an averaged estimate.

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    enlimm Guest

    We're on the same page...

    Hey knightlight. Thank you for sharing your averages.

    I understand. Some months I'll have ten and some years I'll account for none.

    Thanks for leading the bunch so far. Are you going to update as you go? Perhaps I can catch up with your number, and perhaps you can stay ahead of my number.

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    knightlight Guest
    ha! You will probably surpass me as I have been struck with a bit of fear lately due to some thought forms creeping up on me. I was thinking the other day about how if I ever made a movie about AP I would make it really scary and was thinking of how the evil spirits would look and I suddenly got this really scary mental image of a creature and I expanded on it, how it would sound and move and how I could use lighting to make it look more realistic and suddenly its taken on a life of its own! All I can think about now when I go to project is whether when I leave it will be waiting for me because I have created it in my mind and I am terrified!!! Silly me.

    Needless to say this thing is probably the scariest thing ever for me coming from a very demented mind and I guess I will have to face it eventually, but just last night I was laying there and I felt my body start to slip away and I knew I was entering F10 (monroe model) and probably soon after I would be floating about in the astral and I stopped myself!!! I felt so foolish but all I could think of was this horrific monstrosity and how it was waiting for me on the other side. Take this as an initiative to work hard on your experiences. Wish me luck in my battle!

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    enlimm Guest
    Luck to you in your battle knightlight!

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    star Guest
    0 so far, but I won't ever give up!

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