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Thread: A question about False Awakenings

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    David Mustardseed Guest

    A question about False Awakenings

    Hi Robert
    Hope all is well with you. I pray for you and send you love.

    I had a question about the above subject. Recently I answered a post on another forum and shared my experiences with false awakenings. After posting it I thought it prudent to run it by you as well. It is naturally only my own experience and not that of an expert. Here is my answer to the post:

    After you have had some OBE experience maybe a exit or almost exit, it is not uncommon that you start dreaming about what it would be like to have one. Since such a dream is in a very conscious lucid state, (portraying a conscious exit) it is almost as if having one. HOWEVER since you have not actually had a lot of experience your mind will make up what it thinks is supposed to happen. It appears that most of us have a very large ego and would like to progress from beginners to experienced without all the in between practice and your "dream" is eager to facilitate this ego. Thus you will be given lots of control by your dream mind. Other signs that you are lucid and not in an obe are the absence of reality fluctuations. I think that your mind "forgets" these small things. Another telltale sign is that you will start exiting from places in the past or unknown locations alltogether. Its like this, you may have an exit and elevate straight out of your body with vibrations and all, but instead of being where you went to sleep, you might see your body but on a bed in a strange room, or a place you have been in the past and everything will be fixed and ready to explore. In a "real" exit you will be in a very different environment, it will start changing soon after you get there, often 20 sec is all you get to begin with.

    The best way to tell the difference is in the recall. Mostly you will enter such dream obes from sleep and exit in waking up. It is important that you be honest with yourself about this recall where you were and exited from. Affirmations are important here. You should keep repeating to yourself that you will examine every OBE for reality as soon as you enter it. If you do not develop the attitude, that it could be a false awakening but instead start exploring you could be developing a bad habit. Often the result is, that you will have maybe hundreds of these experiences and start to see a pattern of how it works for you and feel as if you have experience, then in time you will teach others what you have learned, unknowingly validating their experiences (false awakenings?) as being "real" and over time you as well as those you chat with about this will be mislead.

    My question is twofold.

    1.Is the above in your opinion correct

    2. Can a false awakening be an obe experienced by ones projected double?

    Regards Mustardseed

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    G'day David!

    Your answer is fine.

    And, yes, a false awakening can be an OBE.

    Technically, a false awakening is where your astral body gets up out of bed, believing it is the physical body doing this.

    Usually there are no projection symptoms associated with this. The astral body may go to the bathroom or similar, and will sometimes even return to bed, all the while believing it is the physical body.

    People having false awakenings are usually alerted by some little thing that is out of place, eg, drinking a glass of water that never ends and does not ease thirst, or going to bathroom and trying to empty a bladder that never ends, or trying to turn on a light switch that just clicks and gives no light, etc.

    False awakening is a primary cause of bed wetting in children, that and dreaming same, of getting up and going to the bathroom and then, oops, waking up in bed wet.

    Take care, Robert

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