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    jalef Guest


    Hi Robert

    in another post you said this:

    The heart center, brow and base centers are known to strobe, and I have experience with these. I have no experience with the others strobing, the crown, throat, solar plexus, and navel. Logically, these would also have the ability to strobe under the right circumstances, but I have not experienced this so cannot really say.

    Yes, I expect these centers, when they strobe, would generate phenomena unique to them.

    I think maybe the strobe effect is not to be associated with each chakra but with the storage centres. Cant it be that the strobe is kinda energy release in the storage centres? since the other chakras arent known to strobe this is what i think.


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    What you say is possible, but I think it more likely that the strobe effect is a basic high level function of all primary energy centers. The base center, for example, is not the site of a storage center, but this strobes. The genital center is another example, probably the most well known energy sensation. When this strobes, physical orgasm is produced, which is an energy based phenomenon.

    The primary centers in question may, as I suggested, be capable of strobing under the right circumstances.

    I will put this on my 'to do' list.


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