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Thread: Demon or God?

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    Shannanigans Guest

    Demon or God?

    Ok so I had a fantastic dream, even though some may consider it a nightmare. I was a little girl, being raised by my grandmother in an old shack. Anyway, everywhere I went in the dream, tragedy followed. My school house burned down, friends died etc.

    Well I went home and my grandmother was in the yard. Then it was like this entity was "wearing" her and let her form fall to the floor. I followed him into the house. He proceeded to show me symbols on the wall of the shack, each one illuminating as he pointed to it. He told me he knows all languages, he said he is a lion, sea serpent and dragon. His voice changed constantly, but always seemed very non-human.

    When I woke up I immediately drifted off again and a voice said to me "He is Thoth, a demon, preys on the lonely, sad and depressed."

    When I woke up for good, the dream didn't bother me at all. I even woke feeling refreshed. I laughed a bit because I'm not lonely, sad or depressed so I think he was wasting his time. Anyway I looked up Thoth and see that he was an Egyptian god, a scribe to the underworld.

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    hasalameth Guest
    No no no that was just me playing you a trick!!

    Well, history is not really what happened, is what has been written down by humans. So. Maybe you've just gotten yourself an otherwordly admirer! Or it was just a weird dream you know, the once you add to the shelf - "one time doesn't count".


    Did this "demon" seem to offer you something? Or asking you to accept an agreement, or start to work with him/her/it in some way? And do you perhaps remember the symbols? We have quite a few pro-symbologists here (I think)...

    Good luck!

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    Rain, iF Guest
    Well if this was an actual entity in your dream, I doubt it was a demon. In my [very few, thankfully] encounters with demons, even if they didn't speak or look any different, I could differentiate between a demon and a...non demon. If you felt refreshed after your dream, it probably wasn't an actual demon. It also could have been your mind messing with you. But all in all, if it felt like a good dream, that's great

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    blacktiger057 Guest
    Is your grandmother still alive? This sounds like some kind of warning to me. The reason I ask about your grandmother is because maybe the dream wasn't talking about you, but your grandmother. This Thoth guy sounds very bad, if what your dream said was true. I'd examine your grandmother to see if she has any signs of a neg attachment.
    But why the happy feeling? I believe that the entity which gave you the dream was good. It was trying to warn you. The good presence of it made you feel refreshed, like some sort of blessing upon you. I'd be cautious, just in case. I don't know if the old myhtology is anything to go by, because the Thoth in Egypt represents everything about learning and academics. He doesn't judge the dead, only records what they have done in their life to hand them to someone else. There is probably variations of this, ofcourse.
    As I said before, be careful!

    Blessed Be.

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    Shannanigans Guest
    Well both my grandmothers are alive as of right now although one is suffering dementia

    Another thing he said was he knows all languages. I remember as he was "teaching" me the symbols, I was trying to trick him by speaking in a different language.
    He didn't ask anything of me that I remember...I felt like a pupil, sitting crosslegged on the floor while he showed me things

    The only symbol I remember is when he said he was a lion, a symbol that looked sort of like an upside down U appeared.

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    hasalameth Guest
    Well, that is the zodiac sign for the lion. Did you know this in your waking life? Although there is a chance you might have seen the zodiac sign in your life and that it swam up through your subconscious, I would say that thi guys is for real. It would be super cool if you could remember more symbols or teachings. Still no signs of negativity?

    [edit: did it look like this?]

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    Shannanigans Guest
    I almost peed my pants when I saw that!!!

    It looked very similar...Im not really into astrology, I mean I know my own symbol and all but no I had no idea!
    Wow now I am freaked out!

    The thing is, this dream was very real...I even remember the voice

    I felt like I was there *chills*

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    Well, Jung did not find a "common subconscious" and "archetypes" for nothing, Shannanigans.

    Looking for assistance in sorting things out in your life? My intuitive friend Robyn can help.

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    Shannanigans Guest
    I wonder what the lion represents?

    a totem perhaps?

    He also mention being a sea serpent and dragon...both mythological creatures but I don't see a connection

    The lion's was the only symbol I remember

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    hasalameth Guest

    A) You weren't threatened

    B) You weren't offered some kind of "deal" or "agreement"

    C) You weren't "tempted" (right?)

    D) You woke up not feeling bad or anything (right?)

    E) Why worry?

    When I woke up I immediately drifted off again and a voice said to me "He is Thoth, a demon, preys on the lonely, sad and depressed."
    Was it the same voice? Maybe this 2nd voice is lying, maybe it is warning you. Are you lonely, sad and depressed? I guess you will have to make a decision pretty soon to trust this guy or to ask him to go away. Try meditating on the subject. Next time, just ask him who he is and what he wants.

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