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Thread: Weekly or daily notes(Or, why this forum was developed)

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    terra incognita Guest

    Weekly or daily notes(Or, why this forum was developed)

    Brian, I am not sure if you have considered the idea of creating a section in the Astral Dynamics forum for people to submit a short note or comment on a specific day of the 90 day program, but I think it is an interesting thought.

    As an example, I could log on during day 35 and submit a few short notes on my personalized trance technique and give any positive effects or developments which I felt as a result.

    The reason I ask this question is because of the more focused approach that it would give in discussions between serious AP developers who are using the Mastering Astral Projection guide.

    I realize the sheer bulk of information that would accumulate over a short period of time could be overwhelming. But, do you think it is possible to build a section of the forum around the 90 Day book?

    I think a beneficial side-effect of this daily routine would strengthen many people's resolve on a daily basis to finish the program. In my opinion most AP developers work alone and it is not always easy to motivate one's self if things are progressing slowly. This could be a positive affirmation from one developer to the other that better things are to come with persistance.

    I really enjoy the step by step approach of the book MAP and think that this idea could be beneficial to many people including myself.

    Thanks Brian.

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    BriMercer Guest
    I was actually thinking something like this when I first thought of developing the forum, but rather than day-by-day I was thinking there would be a Week 1 area, a Week 2 area, a Week 3 area, etc.

    In practice, however, I believe this would dillute the material a little bit, because people have to visit all the separate weeks to get to the parts on which they're working. By doing so they might miss advice given in a different week but that might apply to their situation all the same.

    I would encourage you to post your experiences each day and write in the subject line: Day 25, Day 26, etc. Use the forum as your OBE journal.


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    terra incognita Guest
    After having giving your suggestion some thought I believe it is very sound advice based on experience. To use this forum as it is already set up is a much more practical idea. The suggestion to list my personal progress each day under a single thread titled something like-"terra incognita: 90 day MAP journal" might accomplish the same thing. The effectiveness of writing experiences while they are fresh in the mind bring life to my journal.

    The reason I asked you this question in the first place may be due to the halt in my own unbroken progress until day 45 when I felt unusual emotional surges during my working day. These emotional surges struck from out of the blue. I took a break from the 90 day schedule, and as is usual for me, the break stretched from one day to two, and then three, then so on. It has been a couple of months since I have approached MAP again with enough will power to either start over or resume from day 45.

    I don't consider myself in any way emotionally unstable so this experience gave me a bit of a fright. Not so much to deter me but just to approach energy work with more respect for its power. I have had fully conscious projections, lucid dreams which have led to projections and have grown very acquainted with the vibrations and so as with many people my question has been, "How do I recreate these experiences?" On my own I floundered and hoped and wished and read a lot of books. But MAP (and Astral Dynamics) gave me something to actually DO to affect my development. I have felt the positive results and am beginning to fundamentally understand the proper states of mind needed to achieve OOBE.

    I believe that MAP is truly the most effective way to develop and strengthen the energy body to cause fully conscious and willful astral projections. I will continue to do light energy work and will someday soon begin a thread which documents my 90 day MAP experiences in the hope that it may inspire others and myself to continue past the difficult points (which I know will be few).

    Thank you Brian for your advice.

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    BriMercer Guest
    Thanks for the compliments, my friend.

    I'm curious what you mean by "emotional surges". Can you elaborate?

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    terra incognita Guest
    The surges, I felt, sprang from the abdominal region and traveled upward toward the throat center and stopped therein. An intense burst of sorrow and grief coursed through my body and I felt myself almost paralyzed with it. I walked from my shop back toward my house not wanting anyone to see me in such a state and let the effects carry out there. I have to reiterate that this has never happened to me before. Specifically never under these same circumstances and lacking any obvious outer stimulus. I guess, like any human being to walk this planet, I could dip into my Pandora's Box of painful memories and try to tag the tail on some repressed imp hiding in the shadows of my, as yet, imperfect soul. I have applied the psychoanalytical approach to this surge in the light of past abandonments, my failures and painful embarrassments, but these just don't seem a likely source of this unusual phenomenon. I could be completely wrong. Many times I feel as if I am just standing too close to the billboard to read it.

    My opinion as to the cause of the energy flow would be a definitive-"It's because of the energy work! You've loosened some impedement in the natural process of energy development." I would state that I made the connection between this energy movement and energy work based on the synchronicity of the two events. Though, over time, I realize my rational understanding of the occurrence, in hindsight, pales in comparison to the actual occurrence. Kind of like being in a car wreck as opposed to describing one.

    I should boil down my response to a short description. The energy initiated it's travel in my abdominal region and just plain got stuck in my throat; that tight, tense feeling in the throat that most people are familiar with when they experience highly emotional states of sadness.

    I would appreciate your opinion and diagnosis based on my somewhat foggy description. I feel to really achieve any tangible development I need to be as descriptive as possible, so if you would like a more succinct and concise description please feel free to let me know Brian.

    Thanks for your time.

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    BriMercer Guest

    reasons to take a break

    It isn't unusual to go through a “growth period" as a result of energy work. I believe you're right, that stirring up the energy within was the cause of the emotional surges, like walking through a silty creek and stirring up the muck.

    These spiritual growth episodes can be uncomfortable and not altogether pleasant, but they are, in the big picture, a good thing. A part of your personal path, of which astral projection is only a part, a means to an end.

    I believe you were right to take a break from energy work until things settle. At the same time I think continued energy work will help in the long run, both from an OBE and a personal growth perspective.

    When it comes time to get into it again, consider doing the routine listed on Day 14 and doing this for a week or so. If that session is too long, break them up into multiple, smaller sessions. Then repeat Week 3 and go from there.

    Keep in touch.

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    terra incognita Guest
    Thanks again, Brian. I'll do exactly that. Hope we can keep in touch.

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