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Thread: Welcome to the Mastering Astral Projection forum!

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    BriMercer Guest

    Welcome to the Mastering Astral Projection forum!

    Hello and welcome the to the Mastering Astral Projection section of the Astral Dynamics forum!

    This section is for questions and general discussion of the 90-day out-of-body experience program. Please feel free to post comments and questions and Robert and I will do our best to respond promptly.

    If you don't yet have the book Mastering Astral Projection: 90-day Guide to Out-of-body Experience, you can order it here: ... _home.html

    We're looking forward to hearing from you!

    Brian Mercer
    Co-author of Mastering Astral Projection

    ps. The MAP book version needs to be ordered through
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    NAP Guest

    Re: Welcome to the Mastering Astral Projection forum!

    Hi there! First of all I would like to say, the book is really really good. It is very well written. I need an advice. I am capable of achiving the vibrations, but then I blow it up. What do I do when the vibrations come? Do I have to do anything?

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    BriMercer Guest
    How far along are you in the 90-day program?

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    NAP Guest
    To be honest, I don't do this book exactly side after side. I got some "energy work" experience before, and I also tried OBE many times before... like a year ago or so. So I don't really folow the book as it is written. I did the exercieses from DAY 1 to DAY 17 and then some exercies about DAY 28. (Stimulation Chakras).

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    BriMercer Guest
    Can you list out your OBE routine and what happens when the vibrations hit? Can you consistently raise the vibrations?

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    NAP Guest

    I do all the stuff on the bad. For about max. 5 minutes I am getting relaxed, releasing tense from muscles, that is no problem. After that I am trying variety of "techniques". These are not acually techniques, since I am a looser in a rope technique, I didn't come up with better one yet . After some time... about 15-25 minutes I am trying to imagine some sort of stuff.. the rope, ledder etc... and nothing. Then, when I want achieve the vibrations, I imagine, that I am falling down throgh the bed, trough the floor etc... this works good. The vibrations come, my heart center goes like crazy, my breathing is much faster, it feels like I am about to die . I don't hear any buzzing or any other kind of sound though. I am trying to focus either on some technique.. rope, or continue falling or something, or just doing nothing and waiting what is going to happen. And then the vibrations go away. I don't know how to rise the vibrations, ones I tried to focus on them and to be honest, I managed to keep them for longer time, say 15-20 seconds, but that was all, nothing more.

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    Reisender Guest
    Hello Brian and Bruce.
    I bought the book several months ago and I think overall it is a very good piece of work. When I first got the book and started the program I proceeded every day up to day 70 which is well into Part 2. As it happened we started getting a series of out of town guests over the last two months and started a new job, just one obsticle after another and was unable to continue with my program. Now that three months have passed I would like to resume my quest for controled OBE. Patients is not a problem. My question is: after all this time would it be best to start all over again ( when I first started the program I did not follow the affermation purformence as well as I should have ) or pick up pretty much from where I left off? I understand everyone is a little bit different, but I would like to know what you would advise. Thankyou,


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    BriMercer Guest

    I'd recommend starting with Day 7 (the last day of week 1) and going through that session.

    If you feel like you had a good session with Day 7, try going to Day 14 (the last day of week 2) the next day.

    If you feel like you've done that well, proceed to Day 21 (the last day of week 3) the next day, etc.

    If you find that one of the sessions that you need more practice, keep doing that session until you feel comfortable moving on.

    Just a suggestion, though. As you said, it's best to follow your instincts.

    Hope that helps!


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    Reisender Guest
    Hello Brian,

    Thank you, Brian, that is a excelent suggestion! It makes a lot of sence. Review--get reestablished--proceed. It helps alot!
    Again Thanks,


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    Re: Welcome to the Mastering Astral Projection forum!

    I just wanted to clarify for anyone that comes around years later- Mastering Astral Projection is the name of the program that Robert Bruce and Brian Mercer developed together. MAP can be obtained either as a book or a CD set via Amazon. It used to be also available through glidewing but I haven't seen it there lately.
    This forum (The MAP Forum) is designed for students of the program, to help answer any questions that they may have about it. More generalized questions about Astral Projection can be placed in the OBE forum or the OBE Research and Discussions forums.
    AD Pedia:

    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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