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Thread: Learning Astral Projection with the BrainWave Generator

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    BriMercer Guest
    Hi Travelerwithin,

    I'm no expert on how different types of stimulants affect the brain. I wouldn't think there would be too significant an issue with caffeine, thought it might be more difficult to get into a deeper level of consciousness. Please ask your prescriber about the affects and how it might interact with the BWGen.


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    travelerwithin Guest

    I think my question was more....

    Since there is a skull and bones on your website that says dont use stimulants is it actually fatal? I know this may sound paranoid and im sorry but I just got that message from the warning when i read it. Which is why i have stopped using the BWG until i can get an answer. If it is not fatal then i will continue to use it my Doctor has told me that certain programs like this are out and should only affect sleep but i should consult you before continuing use since you have conducted enough personal tests and have a certain knowledge of this type of field. My problem is not reaching a deep sleep to begin with its being in TOO deep to get up or wake up ect...
    Thanks for all your help and responses and sorry to bring such a grimm question to your board I do hope to see an answer soon thanks again

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    BriMercer Guest
    First, let me just say that Robert and I are not really affiliated in any significant way with the developer of the BWGen. The developer is gentleman in Finland who created the BWGen several years back. Since I had some notable successes using the software, and because I could distribute the MAP presets without extra cost to readers (unless they needed the ability to import presets), I wanted to include it in MAP to help would-be OBEers accelerate the learning process. (Robert and I don't gain financially from folks buying the full version of the software.)

    I believe the skull and crossbones next to the warning is there as an attention getter. If your doctor says you're okay to us it--that it will just affect your sleep--then I think you're cleared to proceed.

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    travelerwithin Guest

    thannks for the reply

    just wanted to post and say thanks for the reply

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    monkbiker Guest
    Very cool! I just ordered it from

    Hopefully this will help me "get out".

    I've been working at it, off and on, since about 1976 with nothing to show for it.

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    i have a question about the it compatible with Mac computers?
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    No, it's made for PCs, but there is a program out there that helps you with adapting it.
    I couldn't find any free software for anything other than games.
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    Great!! many thanks.
    "We are spirits in the material world" Sting. The Police.

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    FriarTed Guest
    Just to clarify- is there a way to put the BWG on an iPod? I have made audio files of each level to put on the iPod but it really isn't the same.

    And maybe I should start a new topic, but what CDs that could be put on an iPod are good for assisting with astral projection, deep relaxation, and
    lucid dreaming? Of course, I know there are the MAP & OOBJ sets. But right now I just need 1 or 2 discs as the MAP & OOBJ prices are out of my reach for the present.

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    Re: Learning Astral Projection with the BrainWave Generator

    I've just downloaded first three presets ,but the content in each of them seems to be exactly the same ,which is
    Quick mental refresher2<end focused>
    Relaxation2<while staying focused>
    and so on
    So how do i use it.I've ordered MAP 90-day guide.Are the presets that come with the book going to be exactly the same.I mean impossible for me to figure out how to use them.Thanks any help will be greatly appreciated

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