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Thread: serious problems with crown

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    boris Guest

    serious problems with crown

    ... i have a problem with my crown chakra, i think it may be overactive but im not sure on this, i know its some kind of energetic imbablance though,

    The symptoms are mental instability, constant headaches, pressure, dreamy/astral thoughts and a general ungroundedness and uncertain sense of self, needless to say this is having a deep impact on my life.

    I know the problem is being exploited by Negs but im dealing with that side of things the best way i can.

    The problem is i have stopped all energy and trance work and its not getting better, it feels like a deep energetic wound that wont heal.

    Any ideas?

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    Ground, ground ground! Do a lot of 'everyday world' type of work, take up gardening (or other earth-centered labor), build something, eat heavy protein meals, avoid intellectual situations (I know, not that easy), and when you do energy work, work only on your base chakra and your minor foot chakras.
    Let us know how that works for you.
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    boris Guest
    thanks CFT, ive tried some of that and its helped a little, ive also tried absorbing pure earth element and pretending im a tree
    i think im going to have to make grounding my main focus now, its going to be a long term thing.

    on the plus side, im learning alot about the underlying energetic causes of what we know as mental illness/ personality disorders etc I think ive had them all.

    I think its about time we had some kind of "energy hospital" for people to go to for healing and guidence on how to adjust their energy bodys in response to illness, both physical and mental. I know the infos out there and people are practising it but if it were to be a bit more consolidated it would get more attention and people would wake up a bit more....just a thought.

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    star Guest
    You might want to use some elements on your skull. Bring in all four. Earth Air Fire Water

    Not too much of either - once a day. Fill the actual bone of your head - the whole head.

    Also - speak to your higher self through your crown and give a voice to your feelings. It will hear.

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    boris Guest
    cheerz star, ill try it out

  6. Re: serious problems with crown

    It sounds like your crown chakra is preparing to open, i have noticed kundalini energy is following an
    Attention, if you are person who is intelectualizing a lot then level of enervy can affect mental state
    In your crown i would recommend to learn how to stay sane when energy will blow up and overwhelm you
    1. Become your mindchater observer, it will help to be not involved in all stories created by your mind
    2. Spend time in garden or park to get habit keeping your mind in standby mode its like observing landscape
    3. If sth go really bad you can avoid your mind just listening all sounds around you, it will keep you away from
    Stupid and sometimes dangerous thoughts, maybe it sounds silly but is lifesaving, mind cant be focused on 2
    Things at the same time
    4. Whatever happened, it will past even if you will have a feeling that there is no end of your mental suffering

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