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Thread: Psychic parasite removal

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    Psychic parasite removal

    Found this article somewhere on the net. Hope that it'll prove to be interesting to people interested in psy sd over here.

    "The parasite can be removed from an individual, but this is not easy to accomplish. This has only been done in individuals who did not have the symbiont during childhood, so it is unknown what effects might be felt by those who have upon its removal. It requires considerable strength and thoroughness, and it is not comfortable. Possibly not all of the changes wrought to the system by the symbiont will return to normal, and it is logical to assume that the longer the entity was present in the person, the more likely there is to be a permanent effect, but small changes will generally be apparent within a few days or weeks of removal of the symbiont. Whether the entity is removed forcibly or leaves a person on its own, it leaves behind a psychic "scar" in the chest region which can be quite painful for many months.

    I will relate a few methods by which the symbiont may be removed, though keep in mind that these are not the only possible methods. In the first, the overall level of psi-energy in the victim's body is increased via whatever method is convenient for that. (One method is to sit with the soles of the feet pressed together, and the palms of the hands pressed together, with the back straight, and eyes shut, and with the room temperature slightly too cool to be comfortable--start an energy flow through the body from one hand to another, and one foot to another--done for a period of time, this will increase the psionic energy level in the body).

    Mechanical elements were used in this method--several devices were constructed which used biomagnetics principles to encourage the parasite to form a ball in the center of the chest, and pushed it somewhat outward (but these devices cannot, by themselves, remove the entity). At this point, a skilled psion simply reached into the area, and scooped the entity out--using psi energy to "scrape" the edges and be sure nothing was left behind, which causes a flash of pain, though not a great one. (More detail on these devices is available via e-mailed request).

    The entity was contained in a "shield" of psi energy, and then placed in a magnetic containment field comprised of a plastic container with a strip of copper foil circling it latitudinally and longitudinally, secured with duct tape, and two small speaker magnets with the poles directed inward placed at the poles. No deterioration of the entity was observed in this containment field, and the entity appears to be intact 5 years later. This procedure did not take long. The preparation took about 15 minutes or so, and the actual removal less than a minute. The devices mentioned in this method are not necessary for removing the symbiont, and it will not themselves affect such a removal...all that is required is to concentrate enough psi energy into a person's system to force the entity to retreat into a spherical shape.

    The second method requires a person to have a high level of perception on a psychic level, as well as a good bit of strength on that level, and be able to work for a long time. It merely involves going in and locating and capturing each of the "tendrils" the entity has throughout the person's system, one by one, and then removing the entire entity that way.

    This method was less effective at containing the removed entity (which doesn't react very well to the removal) but was as effective at the first with no more apparent ill aftereffects. It did, however, take approximately 45 minutes of intense work. The important thing to note is that the entity does extend tendrils through the person's system, thus it is important not to leave anything behind. Usually, these entities do not behave aggressively... they will attempt to hang onto their host, infect their assailant, or flee. However, we have recently dealt with one of unusual intelligence and resourcefulness which DID aggress on the person who removed it... this should be taken very seriously.

    The fact that it will attempt to clone itself when manipulated is another reason to be careful -- the person who used the above method to remove a parasite from another person later found that he had acquired one of his own, which he had more difficulty removing than the one that had been in his friends e body (simply because it was harder for him to perform the uncomfortable "operation" within his own). It took him more than 3 days to completely rid himself of it. These entities will launch copies at their assailants with blindning speed and no real warning, so this is always a major risk.

    This individual later removed yet another parasite from another person. This person, for some reason, had 2 parasites instead of the usual one. The mage re-programmed one of the parasites to attack and destroy the other, which it successfully did. The reprogrammed parasite was then left with no further target or course of action, and was simply left "hanging there" -- it was thought that the original programming had been destroyed, but as it turns out, the parasites are not constructs, but entities with a "pattern resilience" of their own, and the parasite bounced back and was able to interface more completely with the victim's system (in the absence of it's "twin").

    This same person has also found yet another method, perhaps one which causes the least trauma to the victim's energy system, by which the parasites may be removed, it involves an even higher amount of "psychic finesse". An exact reversed copy of the parasite is created, using an energy pattern which is the negative of the parasite's, and this copy is introduced to the parasite by simply pushing it into the chest. The two patterns cancel out, and the negative entity becomes inert ('dead') - it can then simply be pulled out effortlessly. I've seen this method used, but am unable to create the reversed pattern myself.

    Do not underestimate these entities. Their capabilities are not completely known, and different "lineages" may display different tendencies. The smarter entities may have more defences, and more tricks. We have seen one entity in particular project illusions, play possum, control a shield by itself, and attack the person removing it. While most do not display these sorts of behaviors, it's best to assume that they might."

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    I guess because this was posted 10 years ago no one has any idea who wrote this article or where to find it? Thanks

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    Re: Psychic parasite removal

    That would be correct. I did some Googling and can't find it, so wherever it was from, it's been deleted/removed now.
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    Re: Psychic parasite removal

    I have experienced negs that are from childhood and indeed back thru time to now. They are eternal. Solution = strength. They are all human and kind, the way you are, when you figure out exactly who is decent. You are decent.

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    Re: Psychic parasite removal

    Nikpalj was a member from (I believe Croatia), and had been suffering neg problems for a while since being exposed to all kind of horrible things in the war back then. I don't know where he went, but I believe he never found a solution for his parasite problems. I want to say he had Morgellon's disease, but I'm not sure. My old brain doesn't seem to remember the details. Nik, if you're still around, please let us know how you're doing (and correct anything I said that wasn't correct.)
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