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    Science and Spirituality


    It's been a while since I've visited these forums, but I've been thinking it's a good time to resume spiritual training. Often in the past health problems have kept me from being diligent, but I recently had surgery on my sinuses so it might be easier now. My question is, I've had a notion for a few years about how I would like to make my career. I'm currently a physics student at Arizona State University in the US, and once I get my degree I'll have to decide where to do research. An idea that keeps coming back to me would be to try to join my love of science with the love of the spiritual. What is your opinion on this? I'm sure lots of skeptics might take this approach but I am in no way a skeptic. I simply think that both disciplines could stand to gain much from each other, without taking anything away from either one. When I looked into parapsychology, it seemed like a waning discipline, especially here in the US. With your experience I'm sure you've met scientists in the context of spiritual matters. Could you share some of these experiences, or give me advice on this little idea of mine? Thanks!


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    There are scientists working in many spiritual areas, parapsychology, the human energy body, subtle energy fields, etc, etc, so what you suggest is wide open.

    The Q Link is one example, and Hemi Sync using sound to induce altered states of consciousness.

    Check the writeup for the q link and you'll see a list of well known scientists working in this area. ... _home.html

    Some universities have spiritual related studies and research departments that are not obvious. They use innocuous names in order to not attract attention and to maintain funding. A parapsychology dept. may, for example, be called 'life sciences'


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