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Thread: Babies and dreaming

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    Babies and dreaming

    Considering newborn Babies spend 50% or more of their time in REM sleep. Would they dream? if so, what could the contents of their dreams be about? How strange it is for me to imagine babies dream, and why I can't remember my baby dreams, even though i have remembered dreams from being 6 or 7 years old. what do you think?

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    Re: Babies and dreaming

    Babies have the spirit world to dream about. Also all the past lives they have had. But I suspect that instead of dreaming they are out of body most of the time while asleep.

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    Re: Babies and dreaming

    I agree with Mishell. I don't think babies have much to dream about (since their conscious mind is new and still developing), so most likely they spend time out of their body during sleep. If we saw their dreams or lucid dreams it probably wouldn't really be dreams at all, probably lucid out of body experiences or just flat out out of body experiences.

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    Re: Babies and dreaming

    Watch a baby dreaming. You'll see that, to some extent, they dream like adults in the sense that they're doing things they do through the day, like sucking. There's some degree of processing their daily experiences.
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    Re: Babies and dreaming

    I used to watch my babies sleep. Their little faces would move, sometimes their bodies would twitch. It was easy to guess what they were dreaming about, at least sometimes. They would suck, smile, grimace, even make crying faces in their sleep. I believe completely that they were processing their world, storing it away, the way we all do.

    I wouldn't know about projection or other things. It wouldn't surprise me if they do. But as Beekeeper notes, babies certainly do dream about their "everyday" life and reality, which pretty much consists of sucking, burping, being bathed, dirtying their pants, and having their pants changed.

    By the way, I can remember dreams from a very early age, like around three or four. Some of the ones I remember involved my mother telling me not to pick my nose (yes, I remember dreaming that!) and nightmares about the Michelin tire man, who, for some reason, really freaked me out when I was a kid. My dreams were about my everyday life, at least the ones I can remember.

    When I got older, my dreams got more and more sinister, but then, so did my life...
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    Re: Babies and dreaming

    Yes i had dreams when i was very young (4-5) that i remember, i also know now that i could not have lived and had the life experance of the contents of those dreams not as a 4 year old anyway!

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